Why We Think a True Lies TV Show Could be a Good Thing

Why We Think a True Lies TV Show Could be a Good Thing

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Micheal Kennedy of ScreenRant is one of the many dredging up the memories of James Cameron’s movie True Lies but it remains to be seen if the show, which is coming to Disney+ apparently, is going to be in the same universe as the original or if it’s going to be a complete reboot. If it’s the latter it might make up for the fact that a lot of people simply don’t remember this movie despite it being one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s most successful back in 1994. Yes, the movie is that old and yet it’s still considered to be one of his better showings since it was one of the top movies of the year. Some might want to say that 94 must not have been a very successful year, but at the same time it was a return to Arnold’s over the top manner since a lot of the stuff that happened in the film was worthy of a good laugh since it could never possibly happen in reality. But that’s the trick of the movie, it wasn’t meant to be factual, just entertaining, and it nailed it in that regard.

What’s really exciting at this point is that Adam Chitwood of Collider has made mention of the fact that Arnold might actually be involved in this series at some point. That might get a lot of fans excited to purchase a membership with Disney+ and sit down to watch. But given Arnold’s age it would be easier to think that he might be taking a back seat in terms of the action since the guy is getting kind of old. Maybe he’ll be the new director or have a cameo now and again. It’d just be great to see him acting in something that he made famous. In fact it would be great to see Jamie Lee Curtis make an appearance as well, but there’s no way to tell if such a thing is going to happen since there’s no way to be certain that it’s going to be the same thing this time around. With so many years dividing the movie and the series it’s easy to think that the story might need to be changed or even rebooted in a way that only Arnold would be the clear choice to keep since he was the one that really made the movie what it was. Tom Arnold and Jamie Lee Curtis did manage to help out and played their parts quite well, but unless they’re willing to come back in any capacity it seems that Arnold would be the best bet to keep around.

Nellie Andreeva of Deadline and many others are quick to comment that since this is going to be under Disney+ it’s enough to think that the violence might be toned down since back in the 90s this movie was pretty action-packed and didn’t pull a lot of punches when it came to Harry taking on the bad guys. The one thing it never attained was a high gore level though and this is something that seems like we can count on for the show since the movie found no real reason to soak the ground with fake blood. A lot of Arnold’s movies did happen to go through buckets of fake crimson in order to get the real feeling that something was happening and it wasn’t all pretty, but this movie definitely cut back on the horror aspect of it and seemed to go more for effect than overall bloodbath. That might be one thing that a lot of people can appreciate since it allows us to focus more on the story and less on the horrific images that enter your head when you have to look at people getting blown apart throughout the movie. You’ve got admit, some movies, be they spy movies or otherwise, tend to want to get a little graphic sometimes and it does tend to detract from the story unless the story in question happens to have something to do with dismemberment and gory, painful death.

For those that remember though True Lies was kind of a funny thrill ride that allowed the actors to trade quips with one another and offer up a wide array of one-liners that were a common staple in Arnold’s films for a while. This helped to make the movie a bit lighter and more fun and while it was still something of a serious action movie it did enjoy a healthy dose of laughter that came from putting Tom Arnold in there and allowing his infectious energy to push the comedy along. We’d already seen that Arnold could be funny and it was a great time to see him flex his comedy muscles again, along with his regular muscles of course. The show might be more fun than some folks are thinking, and it’s definitely going to be worth it.

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