Why the Show “Tiny House Nation” Was Great for TV

As the name suggests, ‘Tiny House Nation‘ is all about tiny houses in the United States that have a floor area of 500-square-meters or less. The show features two renovation experts; John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin. They travel across the United States helping people to fulfill their dreams by building tiny homes. There were 49 episodes of this reality series over five seasons that were aired on FYI between 2014 and 2017. It was an interesting series that appealed to many different groups of people. Here are just five of the reasons why ‘Tiny House Nation’ was great for television.

1. It Gave a Perspective on Different Ways of Living

There is something fascinating about learning more about the way that other people live. Similarly, there is something fascinating about having a nosey inside someone else’s home. These are two of the reasons why property series have become so popular. There are very few families who live in homes as small as the ones featured on the series, so it was interesting to get an insight into how people can manage their daily in properties so small. Likewise, the series was a unique opportunity to see first-hand how people tackled the challenges that come with creating and living in a home with limited space.

2. Viewers Learned Space-Saving and Storage Solutions

Even people with large homes often moan about a lack of space or storage. It is a common problem for many people, especially those with lots of possessions, a smaller home, or a large family. While the tiny houses in the series were being constructed, those who would live in the homes received tips from the series’ experts on how they could make the most of the space available. They also gave them tips for clever storage solutions. All this was useful information for viewers who also wanted to maximize the space in their homes or who wanted to learn ways they could free-up space using innovative storage ideas.

3. It Was Inspirational

‘Tiny House Nation’ gave you the feel-good factor. Many of the people featured on the series dreamed of owning their own home and choosing to live in a tiny house was one way they could achieve this. It was inspirational watching them achieve their and watching the process from start to finish. He stories behind why people have chosen to live in a tiny home are amazing. There are some who are downsizing so they can live debt-free and others who want to reduce their environmental footprint. A common theme amongst those who decide to build and live in a tiny home is the desire for freedom.

4. The Series Motivated People to Declutter

There is a trend for minimalist living is greater now than ever before. Property gurus, lifestyle experts, and psychologists are constantly stressing the importance of decluttering as they claim that it not only gives you a better lifestyle but that it can also improve your mental well-being. Decluttering is even important if you are living in a tiny home as you have limited space available. The experts in the series showed the people building the homes how they could declutter before moving into the tiny home to free up some space and improve their standard of living. These were tips that viewers could also apply to their own homes and lives.

5. It Was an Interesting Way to Pick Up Some DIY Tips

If you are not necessarily a DIY enthusiast and do not watch DIY programs, then this series was a great alternative way to learn some DIY tips that you could use in the future. Throughout the series, Zack regularly faced some tricky challenges during the construction of the tiny homes, but he always found a solution. The tricks he used were ideas that viewers could take from the program.

These are just some of the reasons why ‘Tiny House Nation’ was good for television and there are plenty more reasons why people enjoyed watching this series. Therefore, the producers should certainly consider this series making a comeback with more examples of people following their dreams and building tiny homes.

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