Why Longtime Deadliest Catch Fans Stopped Watching

Why Longtime Deadliest Catch Fans Stopped Watching

Why Longtime Deadliest Catch Fans Stopped Watching

Deadliest Catch has been one of the most popular shows on the Discovery Channel since it premiered in 2005. Although fishing isn’t something that most people think of as fun or exciting, that perception has changed since the show. Deadliest Catch shows a side of fishing that most people weren’t familiar with prior to the show. During each episode, viewers watch as cast members risk their while braving the waters to catch different kinds of crabs. With the perfect combination of suspense and drama, it’s easy to see why so many people have fallen in love with the series. However, despite the show’s popularity, there are many longtime fans who have decided to stop watching.  If you’re like most people, you’re probably wondering why. The answer to that question might not be what you’re expecting. Let’s talk about why longtime fans of Deadliest Catch have stopped watching the show.

Here’s Why Some Viewers Have Given Up on the Show

Deadliest Catch may be a big hit, but the reality is that it’s hard for any show to maintain momentum for a long period of time, and this series is no exception. Many longtime fans believe that the show has changed a lot during its time on the air, and not all of those changes have been good. A Reddit user named PaddyPat12 started a thread stating, “I can no longer watch this show. The fake drama is unbearable”. After providing several examples as to why they think the show is unbelievable fake, other users quickly chimed in to share the same sentiment. Many feel like the show has gotten to a point where it’s trying way too hard to be entertaining, and many of those attempts are falling flat with a lot of viewers.

A user named jzn110 noted that the series did start out being genuinely interesting, but over time it started to seem like creating fake drama was taking priority over sharing real stories. Anyone who is a fan of reality TV knows that this happens to almost ever reality series at some point.

Even though there are some people who still watch the show, they also agree that it’s declined over the years. TyCobbSG wrote:

“I used to love this show. Been watching since it debuted and still watch it, but that doesn’t mean I like it or think it’s a good show. It used to be, but my viewing has pretty much devolved to “How bad can this show get?”. To be honest, it hasn’t disappointed when watching with that mentality.

Either the season’s “story” is just awful or the editing team went full throttle with trying to make something and people start wearing different things between cuts in what is supposed to be the time frame or the deck/crew starts bending space and time between cuts of “excitement” and supposed “drama”.”

Even though we all know that on some level, every reality show is a little fake, nobody wants to watch anything that actually looks fake.

When Did Deadliest Catch Start Going Down Hill?

If you ask 100 Deadliest Catch fans when they feel like the show started to tank, you’ll probably get several different answers. However, many people have cited Captain Phil Harris’ passing in 2010 as the moment the show started to take a turn for the worst. It goes without saying that changes in cast can be tough for any show to overcome, and it can be even more difficult when those changes are out of anyone’s control.

After Harris’ death, producers may have felt like they needed to add a little razzle-dazzle to the show in order to keep fans interested. Unfortunately, though, it looks like that plan has really backfired.

What’s Next for Deadliest Catch?

Deadliest Catch is currently just wrapped up its 18th season. Even though many people have stopped tuning in, the show still seems to be going strong. As of now, Deadliest Catch hasn’t been officially renewed for a 19th season, but there’s no reason to believe that it won’t be brought back. If the show gets renewed, it will likely air at some point in 2023.

That said, it’ll be interesting to see how long the show continues. Everything has to come to an end eventually, and the fact that lots of day one fans have given up on the show isn’t a good sign. Without a strong fanbase, there won’t be any incentive for the Discovery Channel to keep investing in the series. No matter what, though, Deadliest Catch will definitely go down in Discovery Channel history.

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