Why Kingo is the Worst Eternal

There are a few things that people will notice about Kingo first and foremost, and one of them is bound to be that among the Eternals, he’s the vainest among them without question. Another aspect might be that he’s doing the same thing when it comes to the hypocritical idea of helping humanity to advance while staying out of any bigger problems that he might influence. The difference is that he’s benefited from it a lot more than any of the others. Yet another thing is that when it comes to where he stands on defying Arishem and siding with Ikaris concerning the Emergence, he does appear a bit flaky. There is a good line of reasoning behind why Kingo isn’t in the final battle, but it’s also the line of reasoning that’s been used to hang people or otherwise punish them in the past since he won’t choose sides between his fellow Eternals and Arishem. In other words, he agrees with Ikaris when it comes to following the Celestial’s orders, kind of, but he also doesn’t want to fight his fellow immortals. 

It could also be mentioned that his attacks are among the weakest in the group since his little finger bullets of energy might pack a punch against smaller opponents, but they don’t really do much against the Deviants, which could cause people to wonder what he’s even doing there in the first place. When allowed to gather his power he can pack a punch, but this tends to take a bit of time, which again leaves a person to wonder what good Kingo really is in the heat of battle. The others have a very well-defined purpose since Sprite’s illusions come in handy, as does Ajak’s healing. Sersi’s ability to transmute any item or substance into something essentially harmless or something that can be used against their enemies is even better than Kingo’s attacks. 

Plus, the guy is kind of a jerk. Granted, he’s still part of the team and he does have a heart that he shows on occasion since he doesn’t want to fight with his fellow immortals, but the vanity on this guy is amazing since he can’t stop talking about himself and is kind of an annoyance throughout the movie until he decides to flex his morality on everyone before bowing out of the final fight. It’s easy enough to say that he’s doing the right thing for himself and that he is walking away from a fight that could very easily become brutal and life-threatening, but it could easily be said that he’s taking the easy way out since by comparison, getting into the fight would have been difficult and doesn’t feel as though it would have shifted things in the favor of either side. Kingo likely has power reserves that folks aren’t fully aware of, but at the same time, getting to know his character is a little difficult since what’s revealed is that he’s a little too self-absorbed, as it’s revealed when it comes to his relationship with Sprite, who he left behind when he became tired of moving from place to place rather than explain to people why she never aged. 

Kingo is so fixated on himself that it would appear that everything he does is based on what is best for him, even if there are plenty of arguments to the contrary that many people will bring up. He’s not the worst character in the MCU obviously, but on this particular team, he’s the worst since he’s the least likely to stand by any conviction other than his own since he doesn’t want to pick sides. That didn’t stop him from being taken by Arishem at the end of the movie, but it did stop some folks from thinking that he was worth that much to the team when it comes to his overall use. Even calling him a moral individual is tough thanks to the reveal of how he left Sprite, and the fact that he’s trying to shoot a reality show while the Eternals are gathering makes an even greater point that if he can, he’s going to soak up as much fame along the way as possible. 

Plus, for a guy that apparently loves the human race so much, the mere fact that he wouldn’t stand against Arishem is kind of telling since it feels as though he loves the fame and attention that the humans give him but isn’t about to put them ahead of any other matter that might control his life. Calling Kingo a coward wouldn’t be accurate or fair, but calling him an opportunist that runs when real trouble is coming, might be a little closer. In any case, using the excuse that he doesn’t want to pick sides is an easy way out, especially since it’s likely that he would have been dropped pretty hard by either side. 

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