Why Dominic Toretto Has Become A Boring Protagonist

Who is Vin Diesel’s most popular character? It’s not Richard B. Riddick, although he’s cool. It’s actually Dominic Toretto, the man who constantly preaches about family in the Fast and Furious franchise. This character is practically Vin Diesel. Do we know him by any other character? Okay, maybe Groot, but that’s only his voice. Granted, it’s his best voice, but it’s not Vin Diesel. What is Vin Diesel, however, is the muscular, race car-loving mechanic who is impervious from any kind of harm. I was able to deal with that at first, but after just catching up with the most recent Fast and Furious movie, I think they have officially pushed the limit. Okay, so I’m okay with Hobbs and Shaw, because it’s all about Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham being themselves. Yes, that movie also pushed things to the limit, but it was still fun. I think the reason being is because that movie has chosen to separate itself from the Fast and Furious franchise. That’s okay, because anything Dwayne Johnson is in will pump the money like a waterfall. And as for the Fast and Furious franchise, what is the future of that? Well, as long as Dominic Toretto is wearing the very tight tank tops and crossing those bulging arms, he’ll still be leading the charge. That is, the charge in the name of family.

Boy, I remember when the Fast and Furious movies were all about drag racing and family. Now, they’re all about ridiculous action and family. The former was cool in the beginning, but it just got more and more ludicrous (no pun intended) and the whole family speech just got very repetitive. Like, to the point where it sounded preachy. For a while, it was very entertaining, but every movie just seemed like it was figuring out ways to top the other in terms of crazy action. And with every Fast and Furious movie, there was the main protagonist who just kept getting stronger. This is my main issue with Dominic Toretto. You can call him Dom, but you may as well call him Superman. The only thing that’s missing is that he can’t fly. Well, not yet. At this point, would you guys really be surprised if they tried that? I honestly wouldn’t, but we can’t deny that Dominic Toretto is just annoyingly strong. On top of that, he’s invulnerable. In the first Fast and Furious movie, he was flesh and blood like any other human. He even broke his arm when his car got hit by the train. That was probably the most damage he has even taken in the whole series. How will his story end? We’ll find that out in the Fast and Furious movie that comes out after the next one. All I know is, Dominic Toretto has become a pretty boring protagonist.

If you like him, don’t get defensive, because I like him as well. I like Vin Diesel and I can tell he puts a lot of effort in these movies, but with each movie, I just get more tired of seeing Dominic Toretto not being in any real danger. When he is in danger, it’s not very serious. When he’s in a car, it doesn’t matter if it falls down a very steep cliff and hits a thousand rocks on the way down. Guess what? He’ll be perfectly fine. Not a scratch on him. That’s how it all began, but with every enemy he faced, he just went through them with ease. That’s probably the most disappointing thing about Dominic Toretto and his characterization. In the beginning, he was the career criminal who ran a tight crew, but he ran this crew like a family. He really meant it and that’s what made him an interesting character. But by the time we got to the third or fourth movie, our boy Dominic Toretto was slowly morphing into a bald Superman. And now, it’s his show. That’s understandable, due to the unfortunate passing of Paul Walker and the Rock apparently never returning. But it’s all good, because Dominic Toretto is the main character of Fast and Furious. He’s the man who kept things moving and he keeps his family together.

Dominic Toretto survives just about everything because of family. The power of family saves him and his other family members from harm. Now I can take that, but when I see big, bald Dom fighting other guys, I just find it hard to root for him. This is where Dominic Toretto gets repetitive and rather boring. With each movie, he just gets stronger. It’s like he’s taking some sort of strength enhancing drug to literally hold back a dozen guys and pull down two giant metal chains to bring down a big rooftop. He did fall into a deep hole filled with water and was knocked out, but it didn’t matter. Guess what? Letty saved him and he just had a little scratch on him to show for it. Are we sure he’s not Superman? That has become the crucial issue with Dominic Toretto. When you have a protagonist who literally never gets hurt and wins every fight, he becomes boring. Heck, even Riddick has taken his licks with his encounters and he’s a legitimate enhanced human. He fights dark creatures and other enhanced humans and he doesn’t always win. That doesn’t make him a bad protagonist, far from it. That actually make him more human because you believe he can be hurt. When you think the hero can lose, that’s when you know the stakes are high.

That’s what makes his journey a real journey. For the case of Dominic Toretto, his journey is constantly building his family. That’s not a bad thing, because I like seeing more characters in the movies. But come on, Dom, why can’t you just lose a fight once in a while? To me, that’s not a very interesting protagonist. So, if Dominic Toretto wants to talk about family, that’s fine. To me, that’s what makes his character a bit more interesting, but the movies are mostly about action now. Big Dominic Toretto can lose at least one fight to make him seem more human. These movies will end eventually, but big Dom should be put through some kind of ultimate physical test to make us believe he can be hurt.

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