Why Do People Think Schitt’s Creek is So Funny?

Why Do People Think Schitt’s Creek is So Funny?

Schitt's Creek

Stacey Ritzen of Uproxx definitely plays up Schitt’s Creek in a big way since it’s kind of obvious she enjoys the show and would definitely recommend it to anyone. That’s all well and good and it’s hard to believe a show with Eugene Levy wouldn’t have some humor to it, but it would seem some folks have a different opinion since it would appear that the program is something that has a lot of toilet humor to it, just look at the name after all, and is more about an entitled and spoiled rich family that suddenly has to see how the other half lives when it’s discovered that their accountant hasn’t been paying their taxes for a good amount of time. Isn’t that just the worst when the people you pay are ripping you off somehow? But the whole idea of the family moving to a town that the father bought for the spoiled Zac Efron lookalike as a kind of joke. The joke’s on them however when the town becomes their only remaining asset, and thus their only place to utilize as a home.

Erin McCarthy of Mental Floss even gives a good number of reasons why it became regarded as such a popular and endearing show, listing off a sizable number of things that made it so great. Despite that however it does seem as though it’s kind of premature when taking into account the idea that not everyone was going to like the show. It’s amusing really but some people who can share a sense of humor concerning a wide number of shows might not agree on one show for a few very small differences. For some reason though, there are plenty of people that don’t seem to like Schitt’s Creek for one reason or another. Some people think it’s one of the worst shows to come along in quite awhile, even as others like Erin and Stacey try to convince them that it’s actually worth a great deal more than they believe. In a way though it’s almost as though people online are trying too hard to convince the rest of us that haven’t seen the show that it’s really worth something.

Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara are comedy gold since they’ve both done so much in their careers that it’s been proven for years that they can be hilarious. But their time in the movies is where they’ve proven it, not on TV, and when it comes to the small screen there is a type of transition that doesn’t always treat people that well when it comes to maintaining the same status that they had in the movies. A lot of people can do it, but such a process still takes the right show, the right circumstance, and of course the right actors. Levy and O’Hara are really made more for the big screen since it’s there that they’ve managed to shine so often. On the small screen it’s almost as though they’ve been diminished in a way, made into lesser versions of themselves. Plus, the toilet humor of Schitt’s Creek isn’t horrible but thanks to the name of the town that gives the show its title it’s bound to be constant and used as a crutch for lazy writing.

Another big red flag is that by looking at the many articles that go on to state just how effective and funny the show is you tend to find a lot of the same wording, the same descriptions, and the same, well, everything. It’s almost as though no one is willing to criticize the show and will only offer backhanded comments that could be taken either way when it comes to deciding if they’re negative or not. Manuel Betancourt of Buzzfeed, don’t laugh, has even gone on to state that it’s a return to ‘nice’ comedy, a comment that actually makes me laugh since ‘nice’ comedy kind of went out with the 60s and 70s as it took a final bow. ‘Nice’ comedy doesn’t last long as it either becomes a drama or something in-between. It’s true that Schitt’s Creek is definitely trying to show some real values and a return to a simple life that is bound to be better for the two spoiled kids that seem to have no clue how to make money on their own at first. But it’s also something that’s been done in one way or another before, a comedy that is all well and good for those that like it but not something that seems to inspire a lot of people that were expecting something a little different. This is why you don’t take critics and the word of others at face value without taking a look yourself, since the kind of humor that others enjoy might be something quite different than you’re into.

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