Why Deep Blue Sea 3 Looks Like a Train Wreck

Why Deep Blue Sea 3 Looks Like a Train Wreck

Why Deep Blue Sea 3 Looks Like a Train Wreck

Some people are actually looking forward to this movie since it could easily be an extension of the second movie, which was a complete ripoff of the first movie, which….ah hell, it simply looks like a train wreck waiting to happen for a couple of reasons. Deep Blue Sea, the original movie, had a couple of bonuses since it managed to snag a few good actors like Samuel L. Jackson, Thomas Jane, Saffron Burrows, Stellan Skarsgard, Michael Rapaport, and of course, LL Cool J. Let’s be realistic and say that the sequel didn’t get that kind of consideration, even though it did manage to take the genetic modifications and run amok with them yet again since this time the lead shark, Bella, had pups that were actively killing people, and even worse, she and her pups survived a massive explosion somehow near the end of the movie. Still with me? These intelligent sharks that are evolving, getting smarter, or at least are retaining the ability to think and problem-solve, are in open water now and actively hunting anything that looks like food or anything that might pose a threat to them. And according to the trailer they’re eating other sharks and simply attacking things out of spite. In other words they’re acting more like humans than the marine animals they actually are, taking all evolutionary knowledge and doing what human beings have been doing for a long, long time. Kind of makes you not want to go near the water at this point, hmm?

Then it would appear there’s a small, out of the way fishing village right ON THE WATER, that was abandoned for some reason and yet is still there after who knows how long. That’s cool, it’s feasible one might suppose and kind of interesting really despite the fact that it might take a lot of time and effort to really make the place habitable once again. But there’s the rub, unless we watch the movie we really don’t know how long it’s been there. But somehow, out of all the places they could go in the wide open sea, these killer sharks find their way to this one small spot that just happens to have a group of people residing in it at that point as they try to push the awareness of climate change (not going to touch that one at the moment), and suddenly discover that the sharks have made this into their hunting grounds. Oh yes, the plot continues to thin from there it looks like since if one notices sharks showing aggression what are they bound to think is the wisest course of action? Leave? Oh hell no, for the purposes of the movie they’re going to stick around and try to figure out what’s going on, why the sharks are being so forceful (sorry, not even climate change can explain that one in a decisive manner). Keep in mind, more people in the ocean tends to mean more chances of encountering and being attacked by a shark, as does the unfortunate chance of being in an area where a shark is feeding. But the idea that these sharks are far more intelligent and have different drives than the rest of their unaltered species factors heavily into this.

Let’s just say it, this movie and many others demonize sharks in a big way but they do it from the standpoint of science fiction which is a little more tolerable since while the sharks are still dangerous and still very much the antagonists, the humans responsible for this aren’t really shown in a better light. While one of the twists is that the genetically-modified sharks are breeding with great whites, you know, one of the most dangerous creatures in the water, and are giving one of the oldest killing machines in the world a new and very dangerous spark of intelligence, the rest of the movie appears to follow a very by the book kind of feel that means people will be making stupid decisions, thinking they’re safe at the wrong moment, and more or less attempting to outwit a natural predator in its own territory. In other words, it’s another shark movie and as far as that goes, it’s bound to be a bit silly. To be fair the idea of genetically modifying a shark is right up there with creating new dinosaur hybrids that are cooler, deadlier, and somehow far more intelligent. But the whole premise is that human beings will still react in some of the most illogical ways when dealing with a predator in its own habitat. In other words, if there are sharks in the water and they’re getting aggressive, it’s time to get out. Seriously, if the first movie, with big names and a theater release, didn’t produce the kind of results people wanted, then how is this movie going to? Meh, maybe it’ll be good for a laugh. 

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