Why Curse of Oak Island Season 6 Has Been Its Best Yet

Do you make a habit out of watching The Curse of Oak Island? If you do, then you’re like plenty of other fans of the show that anxiously tune in each and every week, waiting to see what types of treasure might be found this time around. There’s just something about the show that has a way of drawing people in. Even those that don’t usually find themselves interested in such things typically get hooked on the show after watching it just once or twice. After all, it’s hard to watch the show casually. You really get into what everybody there is trying to find and it seems like for the most part, anybody that watches it is indeed all in.

Most of the time, shows like this have a way of getting people really excited in the beginning. Over time, that excitement often begins to wane as fans tune in on a weekly basis, year after year, only to realize that there hasn’t really been that much that has changed since the very first season. Typically, fans are fairly patient but that patience only goes so far. If nothing is found season after season, people can understandably become discouraged and decide that it’s time to move on to something else.

Fortunately, that has never happened with this show, at least not on a grand scale. There was a time when things weren’t moving very quickly and some people did grow frustrated, but it wasn’t like the mass exodus of fans that you often see with other types of shows that require some type of evidence in order to get people interested. In reality, they have found a few interesting things on that show over the years but season six has definitely been the best out of any previous season. That’s because more treasure has been found and the significance of most of that treasure has really been quite important.

For starters, you have that famous pit that everyone has been working on for so long. It’s been believed that people were even buried in the pit but for the longest time, no one could get into it in order to gain access to it. When they finally did, there was some treasure found, right along with some human bones. That got a lot of people excited when it happened at the end of season five and it definitely set the stage for season six. So far, this season has not disappointed its fans, as it was one of the first things that they went into, searching for more treasure and trying to find out more about what happened there. So far this season, they have found a lot more treasure and there been a few more human bones as well. All of this does confirm that there’s something going on there and as they dig deeper into the pit, they just keep uncovering more and more items.

Of course, the pit isn’t the only place that’s interesting. The truth is, treasure is sometimes found in other parts of the island but the really interesting thing here is the history. There’s a lot of history behind this and a lot of legend, too. If these are the types of things that interest you, there’s no doubt that you’ve been anxiously following this show since day one. From time to time, things happen that are capable of raising your eyebrows but the people attached to the show swear that it’s all true. For example, you have the legend that says that the island is cursed and that anyone who tries to take the treasure will be cursed as well. Every person that is connected with the show, from the stars to the cameramen, have had what they coin paranormal experiences on the island, some of them many times over. This all leads one to wonder if there really is something to the idea of a curse. It seems like even the most jaded of individuals have had experiences there, and it’s awfully difficult to discount the experiences of every single person connected to the show. It might be different if it was happening to only one or two people but when it starts to happen to everyone, you start to wonder if there’s something odd going on there.

All of this comes together and it makes season six the best season that the show has ever had. They’re closer to finding the treasure than they’ve ever been before, they’re experiencing challenges that are equal to their potential reward, and you have all kinds of paranormal things happening. In reality, anything could happen and that’s partially why so many people keep tuning in.

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