Who Should Play Power Girl in the Eventual Movie?

Who Should Play Power Girl in the Eventual Movie?

Who Should Play Power Girl in the Eventual Movie?

There are quite a few superhero movies and TV shows coming out these days and it’s pretty clear that the franchises, DC and the MCU, have come to take over for a while, which prompts the question of who might be coming next. Power Girl is a character that a lot of people still don’t know a whole lot about unless they’ve been a DC fan for a good deal of time, as she’s a version of Supergirl from a different earth and was essentially taken in by Clark Kent and his wife Lois. For Krypton being a decimated planet one should be able to admit that there have been a lot of survivors who were ‘found’ over the years, but with the idea of multiple universes, it’s easy to think that there are far more than people could think of since there’s almost no limit to how many there could be. But without getting too far into Power Girl’s background and where she came from, who she is, and why she’s important, it might be nice to see who can play the heroine and just why they would be a good fit. There are plenty of names to consider, but in this case, it might be best if someone that’s not entirely unknown but is still in need of a boost was to get a nod.

Here are five actresses that might be able to play Power Girl.

5. Abbie Cornish

Looks do mean something when it comes to this character, much like any other, and the only drawback of Abbie being cast would be that she is currently 38, and Power Girl is still fairly young in the comics. This casting would have to happen fairly soon and it’s even likely that a few practical tricks might be needed to make Abbie look a little younger. It’s very possible that she could pass for the character but it’s also easy to think that if the idea was held onto for too long it’s possible that she would have to be dropped from the talent pool if only because it’s likely that someone with a little more youth on their side might be preferred.

4. Ana de Armas

Ana is another woman that could possibly take on the role but would need to sign on the dotted line quickly because she’s 32 at this time. But the one thing she has going for her is that she does look pretty young still and could possibly pull off a much younger role since Power Girl is supposedly in her 20s when she arrives on earth. Barring that, it’s easy to think that she might be able to take on the role considering that she’s proven to be a rather decent actress and could use a push to get her to the next level where she might need to be. But then again, anyone who took the role would have a pretty big responsibility in bringing this character to light.

3. Gemma Atkinson

A recurring trend with those being picked is that they’re in their 30s but do look younger in some cases, so it’s likely that the talent pool might be headed downward in age since there are still a lot of young women in their 20s that could possibly pull off this role. But there is something to be said for experience and for the fact that some women do look younger than they really are. The fact is that Power Girl is a fairly complicated character that someone with enough skill would need to take on in order to really give her a big role in the DC universe. While she’s been introduced in a couple of ways, a live-action role would be highly important.

2. Yvonne Strahovski

Let’s put it this way, she doesn’t look 38, nor does she deserve to get knocked out of the running if she’s ever put on the list. There might be a lot of women that will be considered for this role, but those such as Yvonne should at least be given a chance to plead their case if they’re interested since otherwise, it does feel as though a virtual unknown might be placed in the role. That’s not a horrible thing really, but it does leave the decision-making of the casting director in question when there are already so many talented individuals to pick from. Plus, while it might not be the worst decision, it’s not always the best either to pick a newbie with little to no experience.

1. Laura Haddock

Given that she’s already shown up in a couple of superhero movies it’s fair to say that Laura might be a decent pick since she’s had the experience and she’s been on the sets, so it might be that she knows how to handle herself and make a good presentation. Sometimes one has to go with those that have been there, done that, even if they didn’t have a full part in the movie or an extended role that would last a while.

It should be interesting to see who gets picked.

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