Here’s Why Dave Bautista Doesn’t Want to Team-Up with Dwayne Johnson and John Cena

Here’s Why Dave Bautista Doesn’t Want to Team-Up with Dwayne Johnson and John Cena

Here’s Why Dave Bautista Doesn’t Want to Team-Up with Dwayne Johnson and John Cena

If there’s a definitive reason that Dave Bautista doesn’t want to team up with John Cena and Dwayne Johnson for an epic movie it’s likely something that Bautista is keeping to himself, or simply due to the fact that he doesn’t feel the need to share the screen with either of his former WWE costars. There doesn’t appear to be any seriously bad blood between the three men, but they are all on their own path at this time. While fans might want to see those paths collide it’s not likely that it will happen if Bautista can do anything to stop it, though there’s a chance that Johnson and Cena might actually hook up at one point given Cena’s inclusion into the Fast and Furious franchise. But as for Dave, well, he appears to be doing just fine on his own and it would appear that he’s enjoying the crew that he’s been working with at this time. His role as Drax the Destroyer, which has been extremely toned down throughout his time in the MCU, has been seen to be highly successful, and his career has been moving forward at a pace that many have been impressed by over the years. 

The three WWE stars would be an interesting trio for a movie, but looking at this idea from another angle it’s not too hard to think that this could also end up being too much aggressive star power for one movie. A person might argue that point saying that the Avengers and other MCU movies worked just fine with plenty of different and famous actors, but the difference here is that putting three former wrestlers in the mix is adding in a lot of testosterone, ego, and a great deal of expectation that folks might not fully understand. It’s like putting too many of the biggest men in the WWE into the same ring and then asking them to jump around, sooner or later something’s gotta give. Maybe that’s not the best analogy, but the point is that if all three men were in a movie together it feels as though egos would collide and the movie might stall out and not go anywhere. That’s a bit of paranoia no doubt, but it still doesn’t feel like the best idea since putting three powerhouses in the same movie might not work out as well as people think. 

Obviously none of these three were the first to break off from the WWE, since back when it was the WWF several wrestlers tried to take on other projects, and while some of them didn’t really do much, they did start a trend that has lasted for a while obviously. While not every wrestler went on to Hollywood greatness, old school names such as King Kong Bundy, Hulk Hogan, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Ric Flair, and many others were starring in TV shows and even movies back in the day, which means they essentially paved the way as Randy ‘Macho Man’ Savage would show up, as would The Miz, Edge, and again, many others who attempted to showcase their talents in Hollywood. Out of all of them, Johnson, Cena, and Bautista have emerged as the most successful at this point since they’re really the only ones that have starred in big motion pictures and not straight to video productions or TV shows where they might pop in for an episode now and then. 

For these three men, taking the plunge into Hollywood has allowed them to create amazing careers that have built their reputation in a way that only the WWE was able to do before. But sticking them all in the same movie makes it feel as though it would be, for lack of a better word, ‘full’. That’s a lot of star power to have in one movie, and while it’s happened before with plenty of actors, those actors weren’t typically the type that was known for throwing each other around the ring every night to every other night. There’s a huge amount of expectation that comes with a former WWE star and at times it feels as though they’re forced to prove themselves more than many others simply because of the show they came from. 

Plenty of the in-ring stars have made it work and have done exactly what was needed to be memorable, but only a few of them have really gone to a new level and created a name for themselves that has next to nothing to do with wrestling. Admittedly, it’s fun when we do get to see the rare moment when the former wrestlers break out one move or another. Johnson broke out the ‘Rock Bottom’ on The Rundown at one point, but if Bautista and Cena have ever done their signature moves it’s been hard to see. Don’t expect these three to share the screen together anytime soon though, since Bautista is pretty adamant that he’s fine with things the way they are. 

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