Who Should Be Cast in the New Galaxy Quest TV Series?

Who Should Be Cast in the New Galaxy Quest TV Series?

I’ll admit that I want to have no investment at all in Galaxy Quest since the movie was a lot of fun and had a good story to it, but trying to continue this years later, especially with the loss of Alan Rickman, feels like a mistake. There, it’s out, I’ve said it, and plenty of fans are bound to think that it’s one of the dumbest things they’ve ever heard since plans to create a Galaxy Quest sequel have been ongoing for a while. The fact that there are plans to push a series involving Simon Pegg is even more disturbing since one has to wonder who’s going to be cast in the series since it’s not likely that they’ll be getting the original cast back unless everyone is available and can stay that way for a while. But as to who might be best for the cast, there’s a slew of actors out there that would be likely to vie for a part in this show. If the command crew was to be kept to the same size it’s fair to say that it might not be as tough to come up with who might work and who would be best for each role.

It kind of all depends on whether or not the show would be keeping to the same format and the same type of characters in the same roles. Replacing the main roles would be kind of hard to get behind since it would be best to come up with a different crew and give mention to the original crew as a way to keep the story moving forward while at the same time not stomping all over what the movie started by casting different people in the favored roles. It would be great to see some of the original characters come back for cameos, so as to make certain that the show is on the right track, or just to check up on things and make a fun appearance for the fans.

But in terms of who would be able to take on which role, it’s fair to state that since this is a comedic science fiction series, or hopefully is at least, it might be nice to see the crew comprised of those that can accomplish a humorous as well as the dramatic effect that fans would no doubt appreciate. Seriously, I could see Steve Carell as the captain, with Kevin Hart as the security officer. Oddly enough, Ken Jeong might be a good replacement for Alan Rickman’s character, even if people would agree that Rickman can’t be replaced, EVER. I do agree with that, but bringing in someone like Jeong would be interesting enough to make it work. Despite not being a big fan of his, I do think that Sacha Baron Cohen might work as the tech guy, while Aziz Ansari might be a decent pilot since he could bring a bit of humor to the role. As for the females in this show, there should be at least a few to round out the cast, but the lead feels like it should be Kate McKinnon if she were willing to take on the role.

Kathryn Hahn and Aubrey Plaza might actually be good fits for a show like this as well since if this series is going to be anything like the movie then it’s very likely that the humor would take on a couple of different dimensions that would need the different acting and comedy styles of the women that were just named. There are so many other choices that people would likely make that it’s easy to think that people are already tossing names in the mix to see what sticks. But at this time it does still feel as though it might be a mistake, simply because Galaxy Quest was wrapped up, more or less, with a happy ending that was definitely open but didn’t need to be expanded upon since the question of how to top the original is bound to have a few answers, but not necessarily the best ones. However it might go, this series is going to be something that fans are ready for and will be waiting to see since it’s already been given enough hype.

Whatever happens with Galaxy Quest, it feels as though fans will be accepting of it in one way or another. It’s likely that it should have been kept as a single movie that told a fun story that did make fun of the science fiction genre but redeemed itself by creating a tale that was fun to watch and finally took itself a little bit seriously in order to wrap up on a high note. Hopefully this series can build on that feeling since otherwise, it feels as though being goofy is all it has left.Galaxy Quest

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