Who is The Book of Life Movie Cast?

Who is The Book of Life Movie Cast?
Who is The Book of Life Movie Cast?

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The Book of Life is an adorably sweet animated film released in 2014. The movie focuses on the Mexican holiday called the Day of the Dead, and it brings about an entirely new meaning to this tradition. Essentially, a bullfighter is living his own afterlife, but he is not thrilled with it. He embarks upon a journey to return to life so he can be with the woman of his dreams, who is not in the afterlife. It is both a story of love and a story of heartbreak, and it’s emotionally charged. Despite being an animated movie, The Book of Life cast is amazing. If you find yourself unfamiliar with the cast of this movie, here is everything you need to know about who stars in it.

Manola Sanchez is Played by Diego Luna

Manolo Sanchez is a bullfighter, but music is his calling. He loves it. He wants to spend his life focused on music, but the many masculine bullfighters in his family have different opinions. They want to see him bullfighting, and his own father makes sure he is not permitted to love music. When he is tricked by someone evil, he dies. He’s not ready, though, and he works very hard to make his way back to the living. Diego Luna is a famed actor, but he also sings many of the songs in this movie. His talent is paramount.

Who is The Book of Life Movie Cast?

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Maria Posada is Played By Zoe Saldana

She’s the woman Manolo wants to be with back in the land of the living, but he cannot be with her unless he returns. She’s the kind of good friend who does things her own way, and she’s one of those women who doesn’t like to play by the rules. The character is played by Zoe Saldana, who is one of the world’s most talented actresses. She’s famous for her roles in the Marvel Universe. She’s in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, Avatar, and so many others. She’s especially talented.

Joaquin Mondragon Jr. is Played By Channing Tatum

Did we mention that Joaquin Mondragon Jr. is best friends with Manolo and Maria, but he also has feelings for Maria? This makes everyone awkward when it creates a bit of a love triangle. However, he is a super likable guy who cannot be hurt due to the fact that the evil person who killed his best friend also provided him with a magic medal during childhood. The problem with Joaquin is that he’s a follower, and that causes problems for him. Channing Tatum is the man behind Magic Mike as well as a dozen other movies, but he’s most famous for that one.

La Muerte is Played by Kate del Castillo

She’s the woman in charge…of the Land of the Remembered. It’s a bit of an afterlife place, and it’s where Manolo is stuck as he tries to get back. The problem, however, is that she is also married to the evil guy who put Manolo there following his trickery. They’re not in a good place in their own marriage, so they bet on Manolo and Joaquin winning over Maria, and that’s why they spend so much time messing with these men. Kate del Castillo is known for her roles in movies such as Bad Boys For Life as well as many Mexican productions. She’s amazing.

Xibalba is Played by Ron Perlman

Ah, the evil man himself. He’s the man who is in charge of the Land of the Forgotten, and he’d like to keep it that way. Married to La Muerte, their marriage is in trouble, and he doesn’t like it. He’s not a nice man. He’s always looking to manipulate the world around him, and he’s the problem for most people he runs into. Ron Perlman is a talented actor, but it is most notably his voice acting that’s made him so famous. He’s spent a great deal of his life focused on this career, and it’s made him wealthy, famous, and happy.

Who is The Book of Life Movie Cast?

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The Candle Maker is Played by Ice Cube

Was there ever a time when Ice Cube was not a talented actor? He plays the cheerful man in charge of the life stories of everyone around him, and he’s happy to do it. Ice Cube is very concerned with the rules, but it’s hard for the Candle Maker when torn between two lands run by a married couple who cannot seem to find a happy place in their own marriage. He does his best, though, and he’s probably the most fun character in the movie. Day of the Dead

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