Who is Starring in Season Six of The Resident?

Who is Starring in Season Six of The Resident?

Credit: The Resident

It’s difficult to believe The Resident is already airing its sixth intense season in 2022. The show premiered in 2018 as the television adaptation of a book authored by Marty Makary called Unaccountable. The book follows the lives of doctors and residents at Chastain Memorial hospital. Like all good hospital dramas – and we know there are more than a few – this show intertwines the deeply personal lives of each doctor and nurse along with the horrible situations their patients find themselves involved in on a regular basis.

The main character, Dr. Conrad Hawkins, is a deeply troubled young man with a complicated family history that took him off into the wild to live his life as a medic in some perilous situations. However, the show must go on, and we are here to take a look at The Resident cast of season six. Who are the fine actors who make this show work so well?

Matt Czuchry

Doctor Conrad Hawkins is the main character at Chastain. He was a resident when the show first began, but that led to him becoming the chief resident and, later, the team doctor. He was in an on-again, off-again relationship with Nurse Nic, played by actress Emily VanCamp. Their relationship was complicated as they both had their own complicated relationships with their respective families. Long story short, she’s no longer part of the cast after dying in a terrible car accident in season five. She married Conrad, had a daughter, and left them both when she died.

Manish Dayal

Devon Pravesh goes through some stuff on his journey to become the best doctor he can be. He is a great friend and doctor, but he is also someone who has some serious relationships very easily. The fifth season time jump moved our favorite resident up to an attending, but that did not last long. He is now a doctor who focuses on clinical trials. He wants to save lives in a big way.

Who is Starring in Season Six of The Resident?

Credit: The Resident

Malcolm-Jamal Warner

He’s arguably one of the best characters in the show. He’s a little off, a little exciting, and a little bit cocky, but it is exactly what the show needs. Doctor August Jeremiah Austin (AJ or the Raptor work, too) is talented. He wasn’t going to join the hospital as a permanent employee back in the day, but previous doctors Bell and Okafor made it too appealing. He’s probably the best of the best.

Jane Leeves

Doctor Kitt Voss is the world’s most talented orthopedic surgeon. She’s also the CEO of the hospital now that it’s a public entity. She makes friends easily, and she also makes her enemies just as easily. She’s working through her role as a CEO and a surgeon, but she does well overall.

Jessica Lucas

Doctor Billie Sutton is a great friend to Nic, and the time jump made her Chief of Surgery. A role she was almost made for, honestly. She was a resident in the neurosurgery department prior to the time jump.

Anuja Joshi

Every surgical intern is a bit of a mess when they begin their journey as a doctor, and the character of Leela Devi is not an exception to this rule. She’s a mess, and the fact that she’s dyslexic does not help her. It brings down her confidence level more often than it should, and she has some things to overcome in her own mind. She’s a twin, and she’s also been in a long-term relationship with Devon, thanks to the mid-season time the show put us through.

Kaley Ronayne

Cade Sullivan is her name, and she’s an ER doc. She works in the ER because it is the one place in the hospital that is always moving, and the patients are not usually there to stay. They come in, she works on them, and she works to save them before sending them on to the doctors who will care for them in the long term.

Who is Starring in Season Six of The Resident?

Credit: The Resident

Andrew McCarthy

Ian Sullivan is the character played by McCarthy. He’s a famous doctor known worldwide for his skills as a pediatric surgeon. It’s not an easy job to do working on children as their only hope for survival, but he does so with ease and precision. He’s also the man who fathered Cade, though their personal relationship is nothing short of estranged and difficult at best.

There are numerous other The Resident cast members in season six, but these are our main list of characters. They’re not all originals, but a few date all the way back to the beginning. Season six is already starting to become one of the most dramatic of all, and it leaves us wondering if the show will go on. What other dramatic issues will these characters face?The Resident

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