Which “Star Wars” Character Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Which “Star Wars” Character Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Which “Star Wars” Character Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

As one of the longest-running and most adored franchises in the Disney wheelhouse, Star Wars has seen many different iterations and reincarnations. Out of all the canon, we have no shortage of iconic heroes who are all unique in personality and motivation. As such, it seemed natural that I break down their zodiac signs. I won’t be addressing any Sith in this article (besides Anakin), so drop a comment if you’d like me to break down their zodiac signs! Otherwise, welcome to the light side; let’s take a look at some classic Star Wars heroes.

Aries- Luke Skywalker

Chaotic, impulsive, inattentive, and energetic; all words you can use to describe an Aries. Those are also the words I’d use to describe Luke Skywalker. He’s so endearing because he’s unpredictable but always seems to pull off the plan. We root for him because he’s an optimistic young face with boundless energy and the belief that people are good at their core. That’s an Aries if I’ve ever seen one.

Taurus- Mace Windu

Windu (probably because he was played by the incomparable Samuel L. Jackson) gives off big Taurus energy. He’s a consistent and reliable member of the Jedi Order, with confidence that isn’t disruptive or braggadocious. He’s a natural leader, but never oversteps his bounds. Like most Taurus’, he’s happy to be a team player or a leading man; and that’s real, undeterred, authentic self-worth.

Gemini- Leia Organa

Leia, with the help of Han Solo, originated the ‘will they won’t they’ storyline. As a Gemini, it’s no surprise she had trouble deciding whether or not she wanted to be with Han, (or more truthfully) deciding if she wanted to put up with his tomfoolery for the rest of her life. Gemini’s are legendary for being flaky and afraid of commitment; which explains a lot about Leia’s storyline with Han, and her instead prioritizing becoming General of the Rebel Alliance.

Cancer- Finn

Finn is a bleeding heart (in opposition to the more logical and practical individuals around him). He’s always the one to stay behind and help those who need help. He has a strong sense of morals, and is focused on doing what’s right–even if it’s not the easy thing to do. His heart is his greatest strength, and his ability to care for others only makes him a better fighter; he’s able to channel his emotion and passion into his work and his battles. That’s a signature Cancer mentality.

Leo- Lando Calrissian

Have you seen the outfits this dude wears? Not even Liberace dressed that nice. That’s a Leo right off the bat. Lando is shown to be a very competent businessman and deal-maker; thanks to his natural Leo charisma and charm. He’s not shy about the fact that he’s an icon, but can you blame him? Even under all the fashion, sarcasm, and quick thinking, there’s a strong heart that will never leave a friend behind. It’s ok, Leo; we won’t tell anyone you’re really just a big teddy bear.

Virgo- Obi Wan Kenobi

We believe in Obi Wan Supremacy in this household. Obi Wan is shown as a dedicated Jedi, a rule-follower, who takes his responsibility to teach and guide very seriously. His oath to protect is sacred to him, and it’s what gives him the strength to defeat Anakin in Revenge of the Sith. He had a heart of gold, and loved Anakin like a son, but he prioritized the safety of the Jedi and the responsibility he had to upholding their principles. That’s a Virgo, girl.

Libra- Padme Amidala

From a young age, we see Padme taking the reigns of leadership, advocating for the needs of her people, and being logical and diplomatic. She’s the perfect example of a Libra. As an air sign, it’s attractive for her to fall for the mysterious and flawed Anakin, thinking she can fix him (signature Libra move). It’s ultimately her love for Anakin that begins to undo her logical and diplomatic ways, as is the folly of Libra’s falling for people they can’t fix.

Scorpio- Anakin Skywalker

This was obvious. Anakin is drawn to the dark side of the Sith, and if there’s any zodiac sign that is in-tune and on the same wavelength as evil forces, it’d be a Scorpio. Scorpio’s are known for being passionate and aggressive, which we see every time Anakin fights with Obi Wan Kenobi. He’s still a water sign, and the most volatile water sign at that, so his emotions quickly get out of control and ruin his decision-making skills. Classic Scorpio.

Sagittarius- Han Solo

The Sag motto is ‘fly by the seat of your pants’, so it makes sense that the original space bad boy pilot is a Sagittarius. He possesses the charm, charisma, and silver tongue that most Sag’s have; as well as a keen sense for humor and sarcasm. As a fire sign, he loves to love, which can get him into trouble (specifically, with Leia), but his gruff charm will always win us back over.

Capricorn- C-3PO

We get it, Capricorn, you ‘don’t have feelings’. Whatever you need to tell yourself, girl. Nonetheless, C-3PO represents the innate Capricorn ability to be incredibly book smart and studious, while possessing two brain cells dedicated to common sense. C-3PO is extremely grounded and practical, he’s programmed for logic. Even so, he has anxious tendencies, and is shown to have empathetic capabilities (even if they are quite limited); which is very indicative of a Capricorn.

Aquarius- Rey Palpatine/Skywalker

Rey is truly a singular character in the franchise. And like any Aquarius, she completely rejects the expectations and destiny set for her. She prioritizes choosen family (the Skywalker’s) while denouncing her blood lineage (Emperor Palpatine). Total Aquarius move. She’s great on her feet, able to make decisions at the last second, and is the most resourceful character we see in the series. That’s Aquarius energy.

Pisces- Yoda

Of course Yoda is a freaking Pisces. He’s the embodiment of ancient wisdom, empathy, and compassion. He represents what every Pisces knows, true strength comes from your heart and your mind. Yoda was a forgiver, like most Pisces are, and knew that forgiveness was a virtue, not a hinderance. But don’t be fooled, even the most even-tempered Pisces can pull out the claws when they need to (see literally any time Yoda was kicking butt with a lightsaber in the prequels).

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