Which “Family Guy” Character Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Which “Family Guy” Character Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Family Guy, now in its 20th season, is one of the oldest animated programs still running new episodes on television. Since 1999, this FOX staple has been headlining the primetime lineup, and its longevity is a testament to the ardent fanbase they have (even when critics have called the show lame or stale). So which of these Rhode Island whack jobs represents your sign? Let’s find out!

Aries – Joe Swanson

Quick to frustration/anger and desperate to prove himself, Joe Swanson is giving off a ton of Aries vibes. He is known to hold a grudge, something common with underdeveloped fire signs. We also see some of his work as an officer, which is often fueled by impulsivity and little forethought (classic Aries). You’re the type to act before you think, Aries, and sometimes that’s a good thing. Other times, you should probably take a beat and make sure you really want to do that. You’re known for burning bridges, even if it means you’re in the wrong.

Taurus – Tom Tucker

You don’t have to be the star of the show, Taurus. You’re a consistent figure in the lives of those around you, providing that trademark earth sign stability. As a Taurus, you can have difficulty expressing yourself or expressing how much you actually care about the people around you. Generally speaking, you have a gruff exterior, and that can turn the sensitive signs off. As an earth sign, you’re dedicated and determined, and if you allow yourself vulnerability, Taurus, there’s truly nothing you can’t conquer.

Gemini – Peter Griffin

Here’s the bottom line, Gemini: you are notorious for having your head in the clouds and not caring how that effects other people. Much like Peter, you have a tendency to get caught up in trouble, and you aren’t always the most reliable. You have a free spirit and a deep love for your independence, but it’s important that you recognize how your actions might effect others. You can have a very ‘me first’ mentality, Gemini, but empathy and understanding are two of your greatest gifts.

Cancer – Cleveland Brown

Cleveland is a loyal guy, that’s really what’s giving me Cancer energy. He’s a typical water sign, with a large emotional spectrum, even when he tries to conceal his feelings from the people around him. Often, we find Cleveland being the forgiving and kind member of Peter’s foursome. He even ends up forgiving Quagmire for having an affair with his wife, Loretta; and if that’s not Cancer energy, I really don’t know what is.

Leo – Brian Griffin

Leo, you’re going to hate me for this one. Brian is repeatedly shown as self-revolving, and he thinks highly of himself, even when others don’t. We also see Brian as an insecure and struggling alcoholic, unable to face the things he hates about himself. That’s Leo right there. You’re not known for being very introspective, and that can be difficult in relationships, but you tend to find comfort in the spotlight. Even with the self-importance, you’re a star, Leo.

Virgo – Lois Griffin

Seeing as Virgo is the ‘mom friend’ of the zodiac, Lois fits this bill perfectly. She’s a hard worker, who does everything she can for the people she loves, and she’s proven to be the most responsible member of the Griffin family. You rarely have time to yourself, Virgo, but when you do, you let completely loose. You’re the type that talks about how crazy you used to be (even though you still get a little crazy). Keep bossing everything around you, Virgo; we would be lost without your leadership.

Libra – Meg Griffin

Much like Meg, Libra, you just don’t have time for the idiocy and drama that surrounds you. As an air sign, you’re predisposed to being an intellectual. As the great balancing act of the zodiac sign, you are able to withstand the chaos around you, somehow pulling it all together. So often, Libra, you’re the glue that binds others’ relationships. You help us find common ground with even the fiercest of enemies; even if that means at your expense.

Scorpio – Loretta Brown

Loretta is passionate, impulsive, and mysterious; just like you, Scorpio. You have a tendency towards revenge, holding grudges longer than almost anyone else in the zodiac. Water under the bridge doesn’t exist for you. You want excitement in life, and can’t stand when things get monotonous. You’re notorious for switching up your style, attitude, or situation to be more exciting. Just be careful that you don’t burn down the bridges you need, Scorpio; you could be stuck without a way back.

Sagittarius – Glenn Quagmire

Quagmire is a classic Sag. Flighty, passionate, and charismatic, Glenn is a great example of a Sag who knows their strengths. We see him as a womanizer, with no shortage of female companions; that screams Sag to me. You’re naturally charming and sociable, truly the ultimate party weapon or wing-man. You’re often the funniest person in the room, since you have a natural affinity for attention. Just make sure your attention-seeking behaviors don’t end you up in hot water, Sag.

Capricorn – Carter Pewterschmidt

Carter is materialistic, and that’s the first sign of a Capricorn (besides their workaholic tendencies). He puts a ton of value in his money, estate, and rich lifestyle. On top of this, he’s got a rough exterior; typical earth sign. He can very rarely express himself or his feelings, which is common for Capricorns. You’re a boss, Cap, and we all know it; so you don’t have to flex on us all the time to remind us you’re awesome. We know you’re cool.

Aquarius – Stewie Griffin

Aquarius is often heralded as one of the intellectuals of the zodiac, so it makes sense that Stewie (a genius baby) fit this bill. He’s a colorful character, who has no reservations about his own sexuality or expression, regardless of the precedent. Classic Aquarius. You’re comfortable splitting from the crowd, Aquarius, and you eat confrontation for breakfast. When you put your whole mind into something, the rest of us just try to keep up and stay out of your way.

Pisces – Chris Griffin

Oh, Pisces. Chris is a sweetheart at his core, who is easily scared and intimidated. You’re known for being the empath of the zodiac sign, with a relentlessly positive attitude at times; which is exactly what we get from Chris. While some may see you as an easy target for manipulation or mind games, your genuine positivity often turns them off of taking advantage of you. Keep that heart guarded, Pisces, because you’re too good for the rest of these players in the zodiac.

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