Where is the Cast of The Nanny Now?

Where is the Cast of The Nanny Now?
Where is the Cast of The Nanny Now?

Credit: @officialfrandrescher

On November 3, 1993, The Nanny aired for the first time. The world didn’t know what to expect from this show, but it certainly did not know to expect six years of clever humor and hilarity. The world fell in love with a darling woman from Flushing, New York, who needed a job and accidentally ended up working as a Nanny for a wealthy single father and his three kids. While everyone on the show is amazing, it’s the perfect casting of Fran Fine, the nanny, and Niles, the butler, that really brought it on this show.

These two brought humor, just enough sarcasm, and perfect timing. The show was genius, and there are millions still watching it today in syndication. Perhaps one of the single greatest television shows of all time, many people want to know where the cast of the Nanny is today. They’ve all gone on to do big things in life, but here’s what we know about the cast of The Nanny and what they’re doing now.

Fran Drescher

Fran Fine herself is the backbone of the show. The nanny who didn’t quite know what she was doing, yet she was precisely what this family needed. Since her days of making everyone laugh with, well, that laugh, she’s continued her acting career with success. From a theater career to voicing Eunice in the Hotel Transylvania movies to working on other primetime shows and with major actors, she’s still a working actress doing big things. The Nanny, though, is probably her biggest role.

Where is the Cast of The Nanny Now?

Credit: @charlesshaughnessy

Charles Shaughnessy

He played dad Max Sheffield, perpetually baffled by his nanny but thankful for her existence. He’s also a daytime soap actor, and he’s had roles in both Days of Our Lives and General Hospital (he is Victor as of 2021). He’s also starred in many movies as well as some of television’s biggest shows. Do you remember him from Hannah Montana? If children’s shows aren’t your thing, perhaps you saw him in The Mentalist or even on the hit show Mad Men.

Daniel Davis

Sweet, sarcastic, snarky Niles. The man who kept the house running and always had a negative – albeit hilarious – word to say about CC Babcock. He was the man of the show, and he was everyone’s favorite character. Since his role on this show, though, he’s moved on to do things like earn a Tony nomination for his stage work. He’s also taken roles in some of the biggest shows in the world. The Blacklist, New Amsterdam, Ugly Betty, Frasier, The Practice, and that’s just to name a very small few of the projects he’s worked on since The Nanny.

Lauren Lane

The ever so obnoxious CC Babcock, business partner to Max Sheffield and hopefully future wife, too, was one of the best characters on the show. However, she decided to go a different route when she was done with her acting career on The Nanny. She became a college professor, and she’s still doing that today. She’s a full-time professor at Texas State University, where she lectures.

Nicholle Tom

She’s Maggie, the eldest of the Sheffield kids and the one most in need of a mother figure. Tom’s also the girl who starred in the Beethoven movies, and it’s her voice you hear as Supergirl in the animated DC Universe programs. She’s a superstar. Though she hasn’t landed and major starring roles on a primetime show since The Nanny, she’s made appearances in shows such as The Mentalist, Burn Notice, Criminal Minds, and many more. She’s constantly working.

Benjamin Salisbury

Little Brighton Sheffield is no longer part of the acting game. The show ended in 1999, he took his last acting role in 2006, and that’s about it for him. He got married the year he took his last role. Salisbury and his wife, Kelly, have two sons and a daughter. He later became the director of Operations at Universal Studios Hollywood park. He’s working diligently on his career and raising his family. He is very much a family-first kind of guy.

Where is the Cast of The Nanny Now?

Credit: @maddyzima

Madeline Zima

Little Grace was a doll. She went on to make guest appearances on all the shows. Grey’s Anatomy, Gilmore Girls, You, you name it, she was on it. But her role as the teenage daughter in Californication got everyone’s attention. Her role on The Nanny was a long time ago. She was a little girl when she began, and she played the character to a tee. Little Grace is intelligent, funny, lovely, and a joy. Madeline Zima is a lot like her character from The Nanny. It makes her career path a natural choice.Hotel Transylvania movies

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