What’s Standing in the Way of a Mare of Easttown Renewal?

What’s Standing in the Way of a Mare of Easttown Renewal?

Believe it or not, there are times when a good idea needs to remain a good idea instead of seeking to make it a better idea, which can possibly ruin it if the story isn’t given enough thought before continuing forward. Mare of Easttown was listed as limited series from the start, but as it happens with some shows, people are wanting to see more after what was supposed to be the only season. There are a few shows that have come out recently that people have enjoyed to this degree, but what’s really standing in the way of renewal for the show at this point is the idea of whether or not a second season is even worth considering. The first thing to remind people is that the show was phenomenal, to begin with, so there’s no issue of quality when it comes to deciding if the show will get the green light. Instead, it’s wondering if another season will drag the overall story down, or if there’s a story that can help this idea continue, a hook that will be good enough to get people interested in another season.

As of now, people are already interested, but that’s simply because they want to see more of the same, or a story that’s just as good that can build off of what’s already been seen. The difficulty lies in coming up with a script that is every bit as good as the first one, and a storyline that will elevate the show, not just allow it to plod along. Too many shows and movies have been killed off or taken down a very negative path but story ideas that were less than stellar and shouldn’t have been pursued in the first place. Mare of Easttown is a story that was built up before it released and managed to fire on all cylinders once it arrived, which isn’t incredibly rare but is still something to be valued when it happens. It’s also something that needs to be preserved when there’s no plan to continue the story.

There are plenty of people who would say to just go ahead and plot out the second season and don’t worry about what could happen since the first season was so great that the writers should be able to come up with something just as good. Someone might need to tell those folks that writing doesn’t really work that way, that inspiration isn’t a faucet that one can turn on and off at their leisure to crank out one hit show or movie after another. It’s been well-documented what happens when a second season or movie decides to bank on the success of the idea that started everything off. Some ideas can support more than one season when it comes to TV, but the second season still needs to be structured, ordered, and given the kind of attention that is needed to make certain that it will be able to follow the same core idea while becoming a slightly different story that will force the main characters to push forward and possibly evolve in some crucial way. This is one of the many tenets of any show, that the characters experience a journey that will alter them in some way from start to finish.

This change can be gradual or sudden, but it needs to be the kind of story that people will want to follow, since delivering something that’s any less than how the story started out is bound to have the effect of losing viewers very quickly, since if a show doesn’t deliver the same kind of emotions and feelings that people want, they will start to look elsewhere. Mare of Easttown has the type of storyline that draws people in and makes them want to keep watching, but that doesn’t mean that it was meant to go any further than the single season it was planned for. Fans are already wanting to see more as I mentioned, but it’s easy to think that many of them don’t fully grasp the idea that it might not happen unless those in charge can come up with an idea that might keep things moving forward.

Every story needs a hook that will keep it moving, and one of the only reasons why any show continues to get the green light for each coming season is that there are plenty of ideas of how to advance the story and keep people wanting more. When the idea tank runs empty then it’s time to start thinking of what can be done and how things can be turned around, or it’s time to admit that it’s time to button it up. Hopefully we’ll learn more about the fate of the show in the coming days, but for now, it might be that Mare of Easttown will be ending things with one season.

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