Whatever Happened to the Cast of “Zoey 101?”

Whatever Happened to the Cast of “Zoey 101?”

After about 11 years off the air it would appear that the interest in creating a Zoey 101 reboot is ramping up as the cast managed to get together for a night out just for fun. As reported by Scott Baumgartner of ET the only person missing was Zoey herself, actress Jamie Lynn Spears. Apparently Spears fell asleep as she says and missed out on the gathering, but she received a number of messages from her costars, who were having a great time and, as it would seem, are in discussion to bring the popular Nickelodeon show back to the current era. The idea would be to show the cast after high school and gather them together to see what has become of them, kind of like a big reunion. It could be interesting and yet at the same time it doesn’t sound as though it would be like the typical reboot, but more of a continuation. It’s easy to get the descriptions mixed up since these days reboots are kind of the norm.

Since the show most of the cast members have gone on to small roles with other programs as Jasmine Gomez from Seventeen has shown. Spears is now a mother of two children and has gone on to start working on a Netflix series titled Sweet Magnolias, while Paul Butcher has been taking small roles here and there to keep himself busy. Sean Flynn moved away from acting and is now a producer, and Christopher Massey has continued to act in small roles here and there. Matthew Underwood is now a filmmaker and apparently saved a baby from a car crash, which is amazing and impressive, while Alexa Nicholas is still acting and has even showed up on The Walking Dead in the past. Erin Sanders and Victoria Justice are still acting and trying to make an impact, as is Austin Butler, who has one of the biggest movie roles coming up as he’s been picked to play Elvis Presley. Abby Wilde and Jack Salvatore Jr. have both seemed to find their passion off screen as Abby has become a writer and a podcast producer while Jack has been working as a production assistant since his time on the show. In other words, most of the cast members have done something since their time, but it would appear that a good number of them would like the chance to come back and try for a reunion show at the very least, and a renewed series perhaps if things went right.

As I above however a continuation would be the likely since a reboot might see an entirely different cast being brought forward and as many fans would attest to this probably wouldn’t be seen as the same. Trying to get everyone back for the reboot however seems like something that may or may not happen. So far it seems hopeful and it might very well be a possibility, but given that the scheduling has to work for everyone that’s involved it’s always up in the air as to whether something like this will work. Fans of the show might be at least a bit excited to think that it could possibly work and they’ll get to see at least some of the gang reunited but until the announcement that it’s happening comes in it might be best to just remember the show the way it was so as not to get your hopes up too high. After all some of the original cast might not want to come back and some might not be able to due to prior obligations that will be keeping them busy for a while to come. That could be why no one is willing to say yea or nay to this at the moment since quite honestly it sounds like a hopeful rumor more than a sure thing right now.

Given that a lot of people might not even remember Zoey 101 it might not be the biggest deal in the world if the show comes back or not, but again, fans would likely be interested to see a reunion at the very least since it would allow them to see just what happened to a few of their favorite characters from back in the day and get a little closure when it comes to understanding how their lives turned out. Christina Buff from the Revelist did manage to remind people that despite the rumor that Spears’ pregnancy was the reason why the show was cancelled, this just wasn’t the case. Spears even admitted that she was thinking of leaving the show before it went off the air in 2008 and was thinking of going back to finish high school. She found out she was pregnant not long after her departure apparently, and since then has been doing fairly well. If the group does get back together you can bet that things are going to be a bit different, but until then it would seem that the lot of them have been doing just fine.

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