Whatever Happened to the Cast of Caitlin’s Way?

Whatever Happened to the Cast of Caitlin’s Way?

Whatever Happened to the Cast of Caitlin’s Way?

During the 90s and early 2000s, Nickelodeon had the children’s programming game on lock. From cartoons to live action shows, Nickelodeon had a wide variety of offerings. Although most of the content appeared to very young viewers, that changed in 2000 with the debut of a teen drama called Caitlin’s Way. The show was centered around a troubled teenage girl named Caitlin. After being arrested, Caitlin was faced with two options: spend time in a detention center or go live with her cousin on a ranch in Montana. Caitlin decided make the move to Montana where she experiences a completely different side of life. During the show’s three season run, it introduced the world to some very talented young actors and many fans have wondered what ever became of the cast. Keep reading to find out what the cast of Caitlin’s Way has been up to since the show ended.

Lindsay Felton as Caitlin

Lindsay Felton began her acting career in the early 1990s. However, her role in Caitlin’s Way was her first major role. After the show ended, she made a few minor appearances over the years, but her role as Caitlin remains what she is best known for. According to her IMDB page, she hasn’t made an on-screen appearance 2014 and she doesn’t currently have any projects in the works. While it’s unclear if she has plans to return to acting, she seems to be doing well. Her Instagram profile reveals that she is in a happy relationship and she loves doing things like traveling and spending time outdoors.

Cynthia Belliveau as Dori

Before being cast in Caitlin’s Way, Cynthia Belliveau had been in the industry for more than 20 years. Interestingly, however, she chose to retire when the show ended in 2002. During an interview with VC Star, Cynthia said, “I had a 20-year acting career. I had a great time and worked constantly. But it got to the point it just wasn’t feeding me anymore. I didn’t feel passionate about it anymore. I really believe that you don’t want to carry things that you’re not passionate about anymore.” In 2015, Cynthia was diagnosed with breast cancer, but she was able to overcome the illness. Unfortunately, she doesn’t appear to be active on social media so it’s unclear what she’s been up to in the last several years.

Ken Tremblett as Jim

Unlike many of his cast mates, Ken Tremblett has continued to work consistently as an actor over the years. His resume currently includes more than 90 acting credits, and it wouldn’t be surprising if he hit 100 in the next several years. Some of Ken’s most recent credits include shows like When Calls the Heart and A Million Little Things.

Jeremy Foley as Griffen

Jeremy Foley was just a kid when he started his acting career. Like lots of other child stars, however, Jeremy never made the transition to becoming a successful adult actor. After Caitlin’s Way, he landed a few small movie roles but he hasn’t been in any other TV shows. But it doesn’t look like he’s left the entertainment industry behind completely. Based on his Instagram profile, it looks like he has gotten involved behind the scenes doing things like screenwriting.

Stephen Warner as Brett

Caitlin’s Way was Stephen Warner’s first credit, and it proved to be a great opportunity for the young actor. After the show, he tried to keep the momentum going with a string of TV movie roles, but by the late 2000s he had faded into obscurity. His most recent role was in 2008. We weren’t able to find any additional information on Stephen.

Tania Saulnier as Taylor

As Caitlin’s rival, Tania’s character wasn’t exactly a fan favorite but she still did a great job of bringing her to life. Although Tania has continued to work in the years since the show, all of her roles have been relatively minor. It has been over a decade since she appeared in a movie or TV show.

Brendan Fletcher as Eric

Brendan Fletcher may not have had a starring role in Caitlin’s Way, but he has gone on to have an incredibly successful career. He has nearly 130 acting credits to his name and he has been a part of some very successful productions. Some of his credits include Siren and Arrow. In addition to his work as an actor, Brendan is also a writer and producer.

Julianna Enciu as Annie

Acting is a lifelong career for many people, but that wasn’t the case for Julianna Enciu. Her only post-Caitlin’s Way credit was for a short film called Enough for Two which was released in 2005. Instead, she has chosen to focus her energy on another area of the arts. Julianna is a visual artist and the founder of a company called PS Make Me Famous.

Sean Amsing as Jordan

Sean had already been in the entertainment industry for more than a decade when Caitlin’s Way came along. Even though he didn’t have a major role in the show, it proved to be a great stepping stone for him. He has continued to have an on-screen presence throughout the years and he’s also done some screenwriting.

Jason McSkimming as Will

Jason McSkimming was only about 11-years-old when he started acting. During his career, he got to be a part of some very popular children’s shows including Are You Afraid of the Dark? and Goosebumps. However, Caitlin’s Way is his most recent on-screen appearance and we weren’t able to find any additional updates on him.

Nathaniel Arcand as Garth

Nathaniel Arcand’s face is one you’ve probably seen plenty of times in the years since Caitlin’s Way ended. He has been in a number of well-known projects including FBI: Most Wanted and Heartland. Nathaniel also has several projects in the pipeline that will be released over the next couple of years.

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