Whatever Happened to Tara Buckman?

Tara Buckman might not be a name a lot of people know about since her acting career ended in 1994 and she was usually put in movies as a kind of living prop since she was quite attractive and had definite sex appeal. This didn’t exactly make for a successful career however since being a glorified extra is pretty good for B movies and low budget attractions, but when it comes down to gaining a reputation it’s not all that great when one tries to convince someone to hire them because they were Lamborghini girl #2 in The Cannonball Run. She had a lot of different roles in TV shows throughout the years as well but her name never really reached the same heights as many of the people she worked with, either because her talent wasn’t fully appreciated or she didn’t have her heart in it, that’s kind of hard to say though. There have been a lot of actors like Tara throughout the years and it’d be easy enough to list them off even if a lot of them went on to do something with their careers eventually. But the downside of the entertainment industry is that it doesn’t really care who gets the shot and who doesn’t, so long as the person that is on screen can perform and perform well.

At this time it would be kind of interesting to mention Tara’s name to anyone that’s old enough to remember the period of time in which she was on screen and see if they can recall just where they saw her. Some folks might actually be able to come up with a memory or two, and movie buffs might even be able to to pinpoint what movie she was in and when for each role. But overall Tara is another older actor that didn’t really go that far and isn’t bound to be as remembered as many others for various reasons, one of them being her obvious retirement in the early 90s. Even more indicative is the fact that there’s not really a lot of information out there on her and as a result it’s kind of hard to get to know someone, or remember them, when they aren’t prominently featured in any kind of article or periodical that might give the lowdown on who they are, were, and what they might be doing in the current era. In other words, Tara Buckman is known largely because she starred in a host of movies and TV shows when she was younger, but as of now there’s not a whole lot of information out there that can tell us anything really.

There are a few articles out there that do their best to say who Tara Buckman is and what she’s like but they’re hard to take seriously since they don’t deal in hard data and kind of dance around the point of who she really is and why that might be important. It is a bit frustrating to think that she might have just fallen off the Hollywood map since there might be something else that people want to know about her, but it’s also easy to think that she might not have enjoyed the life quite as much and could have head out on her own after a while simply because she wanted to get away from the camera and just focus on her own life for a while. Her career didn’t quite last two decades but she was a part of the business for long enough to think that it might have taken a toll on her or turned out to be something that she just didn’t want to do any longer. It’s hard to say really when it comes to various actors and how they feel about the business, as some people that are in right now might have their own hangups and be thinking of giving it up. Acting isn’t a piece of cake at all times after all and apparently it can be kind of demanding on time, personal relationships, and even on one’s sanity now and again.

If Tara had a fan base it’s hard to tell now since looking around the internet there’s a lot of the same old stuff that says about the same thing, her age, what she did for a living, her filmography, and so on and so forth. It’s a big hope that she had fun while she was in the business since she did act in an era when things were a lot less sensitive and despite how wrong it might have been at times, the scenes that were seen in movies were a little more hardcore. But maybe she got out before she really lost a lot of respect for the business, or maybe she just left to do something she enjoyed a little more.

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