Whatever Happened to Justin Bihag From Dog The Bounty Hunter?


Looking at his bio and a lot of what’s happened in his life it would appear that Justin Bihag, one of the guys from Dog the Bounty Hunter, isn’t doing much these days other than trying to be a father and possibly just live a normal life. The ‘nephew’ of Duane and Beth Chapman was a big part of their lives for a good long while and many might remember him from the show. Unfortunately you might also remember word of him being in an accident that resulted in his right leg being amputated due to the fact that his injuries were too great to save the limb. As far as being a star Justin was someone that you may remember or might have forgotten about since Dog the Bounty Hunter was really his only claim to fame and apart from that the biggest thing aside from his accident that might have gained him any further notice was the fact that he sued Duane and Beth for apparently not being paid what he felt he was owed from the show even while he was still being mentioned.

In a big way Justin wasn’t much when he was around since he was someone that wanted to be inspirational but has come off as someone that had a chance to do something but kind of mucked it up in a few different ways. Even after his accident he was charged with a DUI and driving without a license or insurance as revealed by Amber Belus of InTouch. It does appear that he’s been trying to pursue a music career and is, as mentioned, just trying to be a good father and someone that people can look up to. At this point he can be heard on Reverb Nation if anyone cares to listen, though it’s also fair to say that he’s all but fallen off the map after his time on Dog the Bounty Hunter. Given how much drama there was on the show it’s hard to see just how anyone kept it together since between Duane and Beth fighting and the rest of the crew and their issues the program really does feel as though it was destined to last for only a certain amount of time before it finally went straight down the tubes.

Ethan Gorstein of the KiwiReport goes into great detail about Duane Chapman but like many other publications Justin kind of gets mentioned and then let off the hook just as quickly. In a nutshell it would appear that his time on TV wasn’t that big of a deal and even the act of suing the Chapman’s for money he felt was owed to him didn’t really help. Of course it doesn’t help that some stuff has been omitted from some accounts considering that Justin has dealt with depression and drug addiction in the past and that he even lost custody of his kids at one point after getting really low. In short, Justin has had a long and tumultuous road to get to where he’s at now and hopefully he’s clean and sober, but finding out would likely require following him if you can find the guy on social media and of course if you could stay interested enough since he was something of a blurb on the A&E radar considering that Dog had a few people working for him and he had plenty of his own family issues when it came to his kids. Justin was someone that needed a lot of help and understanding but didn’t always come first and was eventually bound to be seen as someone that was worth helping but would be cut and tossed to the side in terms of the show.

It might feel cynical and even dismissive to say that Justin wasn’t really all that when it came to being on TV, but despite his net worth being around $100,000, as it’s been speculated, he’s still someone that a lot of people aren’t going to go looking for since his time on reality TV was so short that trying to remember him is bound to take a while for those that watched the show and will be virtually impossible for those that didn’t. A quick internet search for him turns up the same information on just about every site you’ll find his name on, but at least social media seems to be updated now and again as he continues to try to make something of himself. Whether or not we’ll hear that much from Justin in the future is hard to say but if he’s happy doing what he’s doing now then maybe he’ll be better off being away from the spotlight that he almost stepped into for a while. Sometimes it’s best to get a glimpse and then just go your own way.

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