Whatever Happened to Jamie Gertz?

Whatever Happened to Jamie Gertz?

Whatever Happened to Jamie Gertz?

Jami Gertz has had an interesting career really and a lot of people might think that it started with her role in The Lost Boys, which is still a cult classic to this day despite the two less than memorable sequels it was followed by. Thankfully the only ones that stuck around for those were Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander, aka the Frog brothers. Gertz had a one and done relationship with the movie but while this was the one that rocketed her to stardom, it wasn’t her first time on screen since she’d already had parts in Endless Love, Sixteen Candles, Crossroads, and several others, so she’d had the chance to work with many individuals that would ascend to stardom later on, though to be real her star never really went quite as high. She’s been one of the many reliable actors for a long time now, but she’s also been someone that has been recognized more by her roles in other movies than for much else. If that’s harmed her reputation it’s hard to notice it since she’s been doing just fine throughout the years and is currently in her 50s now if you can believe it. That kind of makes a lot of us that were watching her when we were younger feel a bit old at this point, but it’s still fun to think that a lot of the actors we enjoyed from back in the day are still around.

Describing Jami is kind of easy since she’s a very attractive woman but she’s more like the really cute girl next door that a lot of guys would love to see if they could be best friends with before going any further. In other words she’s never really been seen as the woman to objectify, but definitely as someone of interest since she has managed to catch the eye of many individuals throughout her career. That being said, she’s been the love interest in many projects and has been allowed to portray this in many different ways. Obviously in The Lost Boys she was something of a temptress who stayed with David and his group out of a need for safety and for the young boy she watched over. Now think years ahead to her role in Twister, the current wife of the late Bill Paxton’s character that had to try contending with the guy’s ex and their shared love of storm-chasing before coming to realize that she just wasn’t cut out for the life. Jami has played a wide variety of roles in her time, both kind and cruel, and she’s been absolutely great at all of them, but definitely underrated far too often.

If that was all she had to her name then it might end there without anything else to say, but Jami has more going on for her at this point than one might think, as she’s also held minority stock in the NBA team the Atlanta Hawks for the past several years. While she’s not one of the primary owners it’s still highly impressive to hear that she owns at least some stake in a major sports team. Her impressive and rather amazing net worth has a lot to do with her husband, but over the years she’s managed to amass a pretty hefty fortune that has kept her living the good life and allowed her to pretty much do as she wants as she’s not just an actress and team owner, in part, but she’s also been a philanthropist for some time as well. She hasn’t really been seen on screen as much as she used to be, but with a life that’s been set up as it is now, there’s a pretty good reason that she might not follow such a strict schedule when it comes to appearing in movies or on TV. After all if there’s a chance to live comfortably while taking on only as much as you want then a lot of people would say go for it. The chances of seeing her on screen are still pretty good since she’s not retired and she’s still in her prime more or less, but whether she’ll continue to act as much as she has in the past is kind of hard to say given that there’s not a lot of need.

It might be great to see her in another blockbuster movie when the pandemic is over and done with, but again, whether she will or won’t is kind of hard to predict largely because the question is: why? She’s done her bit for Hollywood for years now and while she didn’t really become as well known as several others it’s evident that she did more than enough to clear a path towards the good life and is living it now.

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