Who Should Eiza Gonzalez Play In The DC Cinematic Universe?

Eiza Gonzalez

If there’s an actress out there who should be getting more roles, it should be Mexican native, Eiza Gonzalez. If you’re a moviegoer, you probably checked out the epic Godzilla vs. Kong, where she played a minor role as a secondary villain. She was good in the movie, but there was also a wasted opportunity with her character. A bit of a spoiler for those who haven’t watched the movie yet, she was the daughter of Demian Bichir’s character and was instructed to extract an energy sample to power up Mechagodzilla. Just when you thought she could be doing something good with Team Kong, she revealed to be a sneak and then Kong crushed her. Yeah, a bit of a waste. Then again, it’s a monster movie, so who really cares about the humans? However, I do believe that Eiza Gonzalez deserves more roles.

Speaking of which, there have been more rumors floating around the internet relating to Eiza Gonzalez possibly landing a comic book role. In fact, the rumors have been boiling up even more, implying that she could be appearing in the DC Cinematic Universe. DC fans have even been advocating that she would be perfect for several particular DC characters. Based on what I’ve seen, the list of DC heroes actually suits her, but of course, the ultimate question is this: which DC hero would be best for Eiza Gonzalez to play in the DCEU?

Let’s breakdown the top DC characters Eiza Gonzalez is rumored to play. It is a small list of candidates, but I do believe she is capable of playing at least one of these characters. Let’s begin with the most recent rumor that may actually have some truth behind it.


Now this rumor is certainly interesting. Not only is Eiza Gonzalez rumored to be playing the battle-hardened Thangarian warrior, Shayera Hol, but the rumor also suggest that she will be playing her in the upcoming Shazam! Fury of the Gods. This rumor really has me curious, especially since we’ll be getting Katar Hol, aka Hawkman in the upcoming Black Adam movie. Now let’s just say there is some fire to this smoke, especially since Dwayne Johnson admitted that Hawkgirl was originally supposed to be in the JSA lineup. However, he dropped her in favor of Cyclone. Kind of a disappointing decision, but Hawkman’s DCEU debut alone implies that Hawkgirl’s debut is inevitable.

I’m not sure what kind of role Hawkgirl can have in a Shazam movie, but either way, I’d be all for Eiza Gonzalez taking up the mace and wings. As a lifelong Justice League fan, one of my favorite cartoons as a kid was the Justice League. Now Hawkgirl was my least favorite member of the League, but I’ve come to appreciate her overtime. She was a tough female character, like Wonder Woman, but far more hotheaded. This wasn’t a bad thing, because she constantly proved to everyone that she was no pushover. If anyone thought they could take her on, they immediately regretted it. Heck, she beat up several Green Lanterns using only her fists. If you want a tough female superhero, Hawkgirl is where it’s at.

Personally, I think Eiza Gonzalez would kill it as Hawkgirl. Not only can she play the tough female character, but she can also play the tough female character with an attitude. You can look at her performance in Godzilla vs. Kong, or even better, check out Baby Driver. As Darla, she was a beautiful femme fatale with a sharp tongue. If you messed with her, she would put a bullet in you. Aside from the bullet part, that’s why Eiza Gonzalez would kill it as Hawkgirl. She can be pretty and she can have an attitude, but she will knock you out. If that’s our Hawkgirl for the DCEU, I’m all in.


Now this one is hardly a rumor, but just Google DCEU and you’ll probably find some stunning fan art of Eiza Gonzalez as the spell-casting heroine called Zatanna. If you haven’t checked out the work of Bosslogic, I implore you to do so. The man has some incredible pieces of art you can see on his Instagram and one of them is Eiza Gonzalez as Zatanna. Alongside her is a familiar face in the form of her lover from the comics, John Constantine. Remember that Keanu Reeves movie? Sure, it was Keanu Reeves and he was great, but the movie itself was ultimately forgettable. However, I must say, that fan art made by Bosslogic was certainly intriguing.

When I thought about who should play Zatanna, Eiza Gonzalez didn’t come to mind. However, the fan art did win me over to the idea. It would really give Eiza Gonzalez the chance to expand her acting range, since she’s used to playing the tougher characters. Zatanna isn’t tough on Hawkgirl’s level, but she is a powerful character who relies on trickery and magic. Eiza Gonzalez won’t be throwing many punches, but she can pull the unexpected (much like Zatanna) and give us a performance of a witty and cunning sorceress. Plus, seeing her form a relationship/partnership with Keanu Reeves’ Constantine would be quite the duo.


There was a time when DC was considering Eiza Gonzalez for the role of Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman. Now I’m excited to see Zoe Kravitz as the character, but there’s still a chance for Eiza Gonzalez to play the part. If we can have multiple Batmen in DC movies, we can have more than one Catwoman. Whether if it’s a Gotham City Sirens movie or an HBO Max series, Eiza Gonzalez can be the DCEU’s Catwoman. She just has the looks to pull of Selina Kyle, but what I think sells it for her the most is her ability to play the seductress.

The best example of this is her character in the From Duck till Dawn series. She’s not afraid to manhandle any would-be tough guy, just like Selina Kyle. If they take the bait, she responds by kicking their faces in. That’s who Catwoman is and that’s what Eiza Gonzalez can deliver. I’m a fan of the cunning seductress and that’s how I picture Catwoman. Eiza Gonzalez loved playing that part in From Dusk till Dawn and she can pull it off as Catwoman. Hey, the DCEU needs more than just Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn. Bring on the girl power.

So what are your thoughts, DC fans? I’d love to see Eiza Gonzalez break the stereotype further by playing big comic book heroes. As a fellow Latino, seeing actors like her break that negative stereotype is very empowering. Diversity can only get better from here.

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