Whatever Happened to Hudson Leick?

Whatever Happened to Hudson Leick?

Whatever Happened to Hudson Leick?

How many stars went on to massive popularity after Xena: Warrior Princess? Hudson Leick had a very interesting role in the show as Callisto, but after that things didn’t really take off in a big way if anyone can recall. But to be fair about it, she has managed to continue her career to this day and is easily claimed as a skilled actress that has taken on a few roles in her life that have been kind of interesting. The thing about taking on TV roles and minor roles in movies that don’t get a lot of hype is that they tend to be known by a lot of fans that are into movies that don’t hit it big in the mainstream and like the more obscure and hard to find titles that might not be as good when it comes to overall production value but are still entertaining since they can convey a storyline that’s easy to follow. Hudson has had her time in the sun when it comes to various roles on TV and in movies but there’s been little apart from a few recurring and regular roles that she’s been able to claim for these many years and it does feel as though she’s one of the many actors that are there to make the leads look good and do her part, which she’s done.

She did lend her voice to a video game that, speaking from personal interest, should have been given a little more attention and could actually be a great movie or even series if someone had enough drive and ambition to seek it out and make something of it. The PS2 game Primal went largely unnoticed in its time for one reason or another, perhaps the story wasn’t detailed enough or there wasn’t enough interest in it at the time. But the story was kind of intriguing since it had to do with a young woman whose boyfriend was abducted by a demonic entity. The attack left her hospital-bound and her spirit free to wander about thanks to a mystical gargoyle named Scree, who took the young woman, Jen, to another dimension where she was taught of a war between two entities called Aurella and Abaddon, who were part of a necessary balance that needed to be kept in order to maintain both order and chaos. Once Jen was set on her way she visited three demon realms that were being thrown completely out of whack by Abaddon’s influence and with the help of her boyfriend, who turned out to be part demon just as she was, allowing them to access various powers within the game that would allow them to tap into the different demon abilities that would help them through each level.

As games go it wasn’t that complicated but it was tough to get through in spots, but Hudson voiced the character of Jen alongside Andreas Katsulas, who was also a big star in his day but passed away in 2006. The two of them made a very convincing pair for the game and apart from other various reasons it’s hard to see why the game didn’t attract more attention since it could have gone on to spawn at least one sequel. But Hudson’s career isn’t done, not by a long shot, even if the last movie she was in was back in 2018 and the last TV appearance she had was in 2010. It sounds as though she’s been deep into yoga for around 16 years now and has been teaching for the past 13, so it could be that this is taking up a good deal of her time and acting has perhaps been less of a concern. Or it could be that she’s wanting to just take her time and take on roles that she feels that she can accomplish. There’s a large number of reasons why she might not be as active as she used to be, but one thing is very clear, and that’s the fact that she is good enough to come back if she wants to since she did manage to make a career for herself and it’s likely that she could do the same thing if she decided to step back in front of the camera again to give it another go. Hudson isn’t really that old, at least not old enough to be hampered by age, so it’s possible that she could come back and be just as impressive as before, perhaps even more so considering that she has a good deal of experience now and might be able to give other actors a few pointers here and there if they ask.

There are a lot of names out there that people may or may not remember when it comes to show business, but it’s easy to think that by mentioning what they’ve done that a lot of people will be quick to remember.

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