Whatever Happened to Gregory Alan Williams?

Whatever Happened to Gregory Alan Williams?

Currently in his 60s, Gregory Alan Williams is another individual that’s continuing to be noticed at this time since he’s made several big contributions to show business and has been around since the 80s. Like a few others that have been written about lately he’s a Baywatch alum and stayed with the show for a handful of years before feeling the need to move on. At the moment he is still working and can be seen in several projects that have come out in recent years. There would definitely be an argument among fans as to where and when he’s been the most effective since in all fairness he’s been a pleasure to watch in his younger days and hasn’t lost a step as he’s aged. As one of the more obvious supporting actors out there he tends to take on roles that are beneficial and important to a movie or a show and whose absence might have been noticed had he not been there. A few of his movie appearances have been little more than a few minutes of screen time before he’s shuffled to the background, but he’s still memorable enough in his role that one can remember that he was in the production to start with. Like a lot of stars throughout the years he’s had lines he had to speak that were a tad controversial and might not fly today, but were funny back in the day since they served a purpose in the scene he’d been given. One notable line comes from the movie Be Cool, “You know what you tell a man with two black eyes? Nothing, he’s already been told twice.” Flip the script and make ‘man’ into ‘woman’ and there’d be a lot of people crying foul. Some might say it’s not okay for a man either, but let’s be real, most people wouldn’t bat an eyelash.

Gregory actually served as a US Marine after graduating college and then went into acting. He got his start with Steven Seagal in Above the Law and from there on it was a moderate climb to where he’s at now. It’s a little difficult to say that he’s that big of a star but it’s even harder to say that he’s not an important man in Hollywood since he’s one of those that’s been around and knows the ins and outs most likely as it pertains to his career and to keeping things moving in a forward motion. At the current moment you could even say that he’s been quite successful since his net worth is around $8 million, which is a big enough number to imagine that he has a pretty nice lifestyle and has earned every penny of it. That being said there have been plenty of shows and movies that people might not recall quite as easily, but there have also been moments in the recent past when he’s played a character that was more of a prop that was obviously going to get wrecked in some way. A good example of this came during his time as the sheriff in Brightburn, when the titular character waited for just the right moment for the sheriff to cross his porch before blitzing him with an attack that left parts of the sheriff splattered across the far end of the porch and even further.

He’s not always the expendable character and he’s not always the safe and reliable character, which proves that he has a good deal of range and is able to take on one role after another and nail it without any real difficulty. With Gregory however there’s usually that sense that he’s a very warm and caring individual no matter what part he’s playing since it comes out in such a big way in his stance and his look. He can be a hardass, he can be the guy you wouldn’t want to cross, and he can definitely be the guy that is bound to be a best friend, but the great thing is that he can switch gears pretty easily, or so it would appear, and become just about anyone he needs to be. There are plenty of actors in Hollywood, some of the even celebrated, that somehow get by on just a couple of acts, a couple of different character types, that keep them paid and popular despite their lack of range. These are usually the types that have impressed the right people and are given parts that they’re confident with and know that they can complete without too much difficulty. Actors like Gregory however tend to go all over the map and don’t get nearly as much notice, but they still enjoy a successful career that keeps them comfortable. An actor that has this kind of range is often far more impressive than a megastar that can only execute a few acts with any mastery, but that’s just how the business works apparently.

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