Whatever Happened to Fiona Apple?

Whatever Happened to Fiona Apple?

Whatever Happened to Fiona Apple?

Looking back on Fiona Apple’s career some folks might want to offer a healthy dose of criticism and some might want to state that she didn’t have a fair shake at life when things were just getting going since she was raped at the age of 12. But others might even claim that despite what she’s said, this experience turned her into the sensation and the slightly troubled individual she’s been seen to be throughout the years. In a sense a lot of these people are right on some counts since Fiona has in fact been kind of a different person throughout her professional life, and the act of being raped no doubt has a big part to play in it. But throughout her career, which really kicked off when her album Tidal came out, she’s been seen as a woman that’s extremely talented but in some cases very troubled. From her controversial speech at the 1997 MTV Music Awards up until now she’s been the kind of singer that the business tends to either forget or simply push off to the side as much as possible while they keep her working and just relevant enough to stay happy. At least that’s how it seems to feel at this current moment.

Fiona is still working and still doing her thing as she continues to be the slightly edgy individual she’s been for so long, but whether a lot of people know it or not is kind of hard to tell since in terms of mainstream she’s still there, but not quite as prominent on the radar as she’s been in the past. This almost feels like retaliation in a way for her strong stance when it came to telling people just how she felt about the fame and who they should model themselves after, but after this long that seems like it might be too simple of an explanation. Instead it would seem that she’s gone her own way and the music industry has gone theirs. While she’s continued to write albums she’s also done so apparently on her terms, which seems like a good thing considering that some artists are under a lot of pressure to get tracks out and albums sold now and again, but the manner in which this is spun at times makes it seem as though Fiona might have a few issues in her life that are making her rather demanding and kind of picky about what she does. No doubt a lot of her personality can be chalked up to what she’s gone through in her life that has to do with her own personal choices or the things she’s endured, but to some it might seem as though she’s a bit of a diva without the loud and proud presence that some women in the business tend to have.

There are those that would write this off as part of being an artist, someone who needs that creative juice to keep flowing in the most precise way so that they can produce their music and perform, but there are times when this is simply an excuse, no matter how much it might mock someone’s work. Fiona was at one time a very popular name in the music industry as she came out raw and very strong to a generation that was looking for those that would seek to understand and speak to their inner angst in a way that could be appreciated. But over the years, while she’s still been doing her thing, the fame has definitely waned as newer artists have come along and grabbed the shifting attention of the same generation or have allowed those following to latch onto something that overshadowed the emotional and angst-ridden roller coaster that was the 90s. There’s no doubt that real Fiona fans have continued to listen to her music and likely will for some time to come, but at the same time it’s fair to say that her fame has kind of dwindled a bit throughout the years. Many people might give reasons why this happened but to be fair she’s still doing quite well and isn’t about to just go away with a net worth of around $14 million. At this point her music might be listened to more by those that saw her rise in the 90s and those that happen to find her as a very powerful and influential voice, but overall she’s done quite well.

This kind of goes to show that just because a person’s name doesn’t come up in every other news article, they’re still capable of being called famous. Fiona Apple is still an inspiration to many, many fans and will likely be until she decides to hang it up or simply can’t go any longer. She might be a bit forceful at times with her words and actions, but as she’s explained in the past, when she has something to say she’s going to say it.

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