Whatever Happened to Dana Wheeler Nicholson?

Whatever Happened to Dana Wheeler Nicholson?

Whatever Happened to Dana Wheeler Nicholson?

If you watched Tombstone more than once (guilty) then you should easily recognize Dana Wheeler-Nicholson since she played one of the more interesting roles, putting it nicely, in the movie as Wyatt Earp’s common law wife. While that particular movie was yet another version of the famed lawman’s existence it didn’t exactly put Mattie in the best light as she was addicted to laudanum throughout much of the movie, which essentially made her a drug addict despite the fact that she did appear to be taking it for headaches. Ah yes, the medicine of the times was certainly a frightening thing to behold in the current era. But apart from that role Dana has been keeping up her career throughout the years as she’s taken on many other projects as well. As a product of the 80s the actress managed to come up through the business in an interesting time when things were still changing quite often and Hollywood was rapidly expanding to create a new identity for itself as new actors were coming in and older actors were still hanging on and trying to establish a legacy so that they wouldn’t fade into the distance like so many before them. To date she’s pushed on and has managed to keep up with a constantly-changing landscape so as to keep her career moving forward so that she doesn’t get left behind.

In terms of how successful she’s been her net worth would indicate that she’s not the most sought-after individual in Hollywood since she’s one of several people that are worth less than a million, but it is important to note that she’s been one of the many that has been there to help support whatever project she’s been on.  Too many people take for granted those actors that do manage to show up time and time again to help out with a project while claiming that the audience pays more attention to the main stars and that supporting actors might as well be a part of the landscape. This much is kind of true at least since much of the attention that does go into a movie is taken up by the main stars, but without their supporting actors it takes a particularly talented individual to make a movie on their own that will still be given the kind of attention they desire. While she’s been able to be up front and well within sight of the audience it’s likely that a lot of people might not really know who she is. Dana has definitely been in a couple of movies that people might have seen throughout the years, but if we’re asking what she’s been up to it’s likely that she hasn’t been in the news all that much.

In some ways that’s a good thing really since it could mean that she hasn’t been in the middle of any big controversies and has possibly kept a pretty low-key lifestyle that keeps her out of trouble and away from anything that might be considered toxic. It’s hard to know for certain obviously without knowing that much about her other than what’s plastered over the internet, but from a simple search it’s pretty obvious that she’s had a moderately successful career and has kept her nose clean throughout most of it. That could be why we don’t know a whole lot about her and why some folks might look onward after finding out since drama is usually what sells and the lack of it makes people look for more troubled plains. Such a sentence makes society appear kind of sick in a way but that can’t be helped since this is how things are and how things move along. Drama sells, and those that don’t deal in drama off screen don’t always get looked at that much unless they’re doing something that is seen to be monumental or otherwise notable. So far in her life Dana has apparently done enough to get by and create a career that’s lasted for a good long while. But apart from that there’s really been no word about her when it comes to taking on practices and habits that other stars have been called out for on numerous occasions. In a big way that’s a good thing, but in terms of notoriety it’s definitely a reason why we don’t hear more about her.

One of these days it’d be interesting to tally up all the talent that’s been sticking around Hollywood just to see who has the most accomplishments in life and who has just been hanging on to see what might come if they’re persistent. Something tells me that Dana would be one of those in-between individuals that loves what she does but has never really been ambitious enough to take on one of the many bigger roles in Hollywod.

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