Whatever Happened to Andre Gower?

Whatever Happened to Andre Gower?

Whatever Happened to Andre Gower?

Sometimes it’s easy to think that an actor is going to have a successful career when they star in a movie that kids absolutely love, but if the case of Andre Gower is any indication, that’s not always the case. Just like their older counterparts, child actors can hit it big and then fade off at some point, since that one role might be the best that they had to give. To be fair though, Andre did manage to find other roles throughout the years, but a lot of them were guest roles on various TV shows that rarely ever lasted more than one episode. Whatever wow factor he had for The Monster Squad didn’t last as long as people might have guessed it would since as of now it does appear that he’s still working, but a lot of what he’s done has gone unnoticed by a lot of people as he’s taken to producing and directing. In fact, Wolfman’s Got Nards is probably one of the biggest projects he’s done as of late that has gained that much recognition, and this would have to do with the fact that The Monster Squad was actually kind of funny back in its day and managed to entertain a lot of kids that still remember it fondly.

Andre has picked up quite a few roles over the years that might have been caught by a number of people, but that are hard to remember since a good number of the shows that he’s appeared on haven’t lasted or haven’t been that big of a deal. That sounds a little harsh no doubt, but the truth is that TV show appearances made by those that have been largely forgotten over the years are bound to be seen as less than important by a lot of people who are more focused on the new and improved stars and those that have been pushing their brand to such an extent that they’ve been hard to forget. Andre unfortunately belongs to the group of actors that have done everything they could to stay relevant over the years but have been able to keep moving forward despite the fact that people have already turned away from them in a big way. Hollywood moves at a pace that doesn’t exactly cater to those that still need time to find their footing. If a person can find something to keep them busy and paid as Andre has over the years then they’re considered fortunate since show business isn’t always kind to those that can’t appear to find their niche.

It is a little uplifting to see that Andre has continued forward and hasn’t given up on his place in show business, but it does make a person wonder if he’s settled after all this time or if he still has aspirations of moving up the ladder to see how far he can go. At this time he’s still in his late 40s so it’s easy to think that he might be able to make a comeback of sorts, but some might think that it’s nearly impossible since his past exploits haven’t elevated him that much over the years. Remembering child actors that were in movies that didn’t go that far back in the day is something that some people actually find a need for, but when talking about mainstream ideas it’s not exactly the most popular practice that one can imagine and it tends to get left by the wayside quite often. It’s often seen as amusing to take a look back as nostalgia takes hold and people remember their favorite movies from their childhood years, but that’s usually about as far as it goes. Even bringing up Monster Squad might get a pleasing smile and a short trip back to the past, but that’s where it tends to stop. Andre’s career is still moving forward, but the one highlight that people tend to remember either needs to be revisited and possibly rebooted, if that could ever happen, or it needs to be allowed to rest as he continues to focus on one role after another.

To say that he’s been successful is pretty easy since his career is still going, which is one big upside, but the fact that he’s been pushing to be a producer and director is an even bigger step that could possibly bring him into the big leagues at some point. When asking people about him it’s likely that a lot of folks would be confused since they wouldn’t remember him, but saying ‘Monster Squad‘ would remind several of them at least. But apart from that, it’s likely that many people don’t know what else Andre has been in since his time in show business has been firmly placed on the back burner. Hopefully if he continues with his career we’ll be hearing more about him.

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