Whatever Happened to Kathy Najimy?

In the films and TV shows that she’s been featured in Kathy Najimy has usually been very humorous and quite touching in some ways but she’s also been very opinionated and has maintained her role as an activist for many years. Her appearance now is quite different from what it was years ago but she’s always been a classy lady and has managed to put her best foot forward for everything she’s done. Najimy has been an activist working for human and gay rights for years and she’s also been a firm supporter of positive body image. In fact at one point she even went head to head with Heidi Klum when Klum told another model that a particular garment made her look ‘plus-sized’. Her career has spanned decades now and she’s been absolutely great with each role she’s been cast into and continues to impress every time she’s on screen.

Here are just a few moments that prove just how great of an actress she is.

Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus has to be one of the favorite family movies when it comes to Halloween and the Sanderson sisters were the best part since in truth they were the main story. Mary, played by Najimy, is the slower and slightly duller sister that acts as the opposite of their sister Sarah, played by Sarah Jessica Parker. What’s funny about the sisters however is that while Sarah is the more attractive of the three and Mary is the least attractive Mary is a great deal smarter than Sarah, which doesn’t say much but is still very true. Winifred, the middle sister in terms of looks, is the smartest of the bunch and the most cruel since she would likely leave Sarah and Mary behind if she didn’t need them. It’s odd to say but while Sarah is the looks of the group, Winifred is the brains, which leaves Mary as the heart of the bunch. It’s odd to say that since all three are evil witches that delight in stealing the life force of children, but it seems fair to say all the same since Mary is the calming influence that keeps her sisters in check when need be. Plus, as a character she seems kind of hopeless at times as is evidenced when Winifred takes off on a replacement broom and Sarah finds a mop to fly after they lose their brooms to children. Unfortunately this leaves Mary with an old vacuum cleaner to fly, which works thankfully but kind of backfires in the end.

King of the Hill

Peggy Hill is one of those characters that you can’t help but shake your head at. She has so much confidence that it tends to get her into trouble at times and yet it’s a boon all the other times. She thinks she’s the greatest substitute teacher in the land, is fluent in Spanish even though she butchers the language, and is so overbearing that people tend to just agree with her rather than argue and end up hurting her feelings. Yet when it comes to defending those she cares about she’s not about to let something shady go down on her watch. She’s stood up to some of the worst characters that the show presented over the years and despite being afraid a few times still managed to be one of the toughest women out there. In many ways Peggy is the character you almost want to get roughed up occasionally in a verbal or even physical sparring match, but you pull for her too since she’s able to balance herself out now and again.

Rat Race

She didn’t have a huge role in Rat Race but it was funny enough to see her headbutting Jon Lovitz at one point and just acting like herself for much of the movie. That’s the great thing about Kathy is that unless she has a well-defined part to play she tends to be herself on screen, which is to say that she’s a very funny lady that knows how to make people laugh and is able to stand in the scene with just about anyone and make her role believable. As an actress she’s proven many times that she can be absolutely believable and deliver a stellar performance that makes people bust up with laughter. She can be whatever she needs to be for a role and has been throughout her entire career.

As of now she’s still acting, moving between TV and movies as she’s been doing for so long and enjoying a largely successful career. Her appearance has changed a bit as she seems to have lost a lot of weight over the years. She’s still a big woman but she looks very stunning at the age of 61 and has managed to convey her confidence in herself quite well.

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