Whatever Happened to Jasmine Guy?

Whatever Happened to Jasmine Guy?

In case you were wondering, Jasmine Guy didn’t really go anywhere, she’s been hanging out on the down low for a while and keeping to herself it would seem when it comes to her career. For quite a while she was one of those that was on top of the sitcom world as her show A Different World was a spinoff of the Cosby Show and was even created by Bill Cosby. She started the show as a costar and ended up replacing Lisa Bonet, who was the original headliner. The show ran from 1987 to 1993 and didn’t quite attain the same level of fame as The Cosby Show but it was still considered to be one of the best shows on TV at the time. That was an odd time for TV and movies however since the transition from the 80s to the 90s was a bit muddied in terms of entertainment. It’s hard to explain but it almost seems as though more was being allowed on television and the boundaries that had been established and weren’t to be crossed were eroding on a daily basis.


Between 1993 and today she’s still been busy.

Between the end of the show and now she’s done a lot of guest roles and TV movies so it might be easy to see why people are wondering where she went. For many actors it seems as though their careers rise quickly and then hit a snag or two and then cool down just as quickly. Or they tend to rise and then decide to level off and enjoy a more laid back level of fame so as not to get drawn into anything that could damage their reputation, health, life, etc. Guy also has a singing career however so it could be that she’s been trying to juggle the life of an actor with the song career that she’s gone forward with in the past. All that and having a daughter seems like it would be a heavy load for anyone to deal with, so it could very well be that she wanted to live a rather quiet life instead of constantly being on the go. But despite all that she’s kept herself in the loop and hasn’t really gone anywhere. It’s simply that she hasn’t been anywhere that a lot of people seem to go looking.

Guest roles and cameos.

It seems to be that she’s appeared more in guest roles and cameos than anything, banking on the fact that people will remember her when they see her and getting in and then back out as quickly as possible. There’s nothing wrong it to be honest since it does seem like a nice way to get paid for doing minimal work compared to the rest of the cast. It’s also a nice nod to her generation to include her in such projects so that people that would recognize her can see that she’s still around and hasn’t fallen off the map. Aside from that Jasmine could very well be more into her singing career or just kicking back and taking a guest role now and again. Being that she’s in her late 50s and might want to slow down just a bit, but that doesn’t mean that she’ll just call it quits and never be seen again.

She is working behind the scenes a lot more now.

She’s been more prevalent on stage and behind it since about 2010 since she has been a part of a couple of different productions. One of her most noted moves was to be taken on as the Producing Director for the True Colors Theater Company, where her role is both administrative and artistic. She’s been there since 2010 so it seems as though she likes it and has been seeing great success at her role. She’s also contributed to the company on stage as well as off.

Often when an actor or someone of importance doesn’t show up like clockwork when people expect them to or doesn’t star in the same capacity as they once did people tend to wonder where they went and what became of them. A lot of times the truth is that they opted for a different path and decided to tone down their career or managed to find something that people didn’t readily follow and went with it. One thing about Jasmine Guy is that a lot of fame came in the 80s and 90s, while by the time the 2000s rolled around she was still popular but had been looked over for a lot of other new and upcoming faces that might have had more to offer and were just starting their careers. Be that as it may she opted to go down a different path and managed to show herself every now and again. She’s not gone, but she’s definitely not following the same path as she did decades ago.

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