What You Need to Know about Property Brothers: Forever Home

With the success of their show Property Brothers and the continuing rise of their reputation as experts in their respective fields it’s not too hard to imagine that Jonathan and Drew would start flexing their creative muscles in a different direction to come up with something that people will still want to watch and be amazed and perhaps inspired by. Forever Home is another in a line of shows that will be presented by the brothers and introduce a slightly new dynamic that will keep the people they’re helping at home but still find a way to create a home that is far more satisfying and amenable to their needs. Unlike their other shows this one will focus on the home in which the family being presented will plan to stay, and will allow the people to tour nearby renovated homes to see just what features they like and what can be made affordable and which ones they can live without. In essence it’s a chance for people to renovate their homes with the brothers’ help by making a wish list of what they want to see done and then paring it away due to cost and/or possibility. After all, a lot of us would love to renovate our homes in any way we see fit, but the issue is that it not only has to fit the budget, it also has to fit within the confines of our property.

To some folks renovation is kind of a scary word since it involves a lot of work, a lot of patience, and of course a lot of money. To those that want to do there never seems to be enough money to go around to do everything they want, or problems crop up that don’t allow for such renovations to be possible. This is where Drew and Jonathan come in with their state of the art 3D graphics and overall knowledge of how work and rework a home into what the homeowner might want. By taking the available space and what the homeowner wants to do they can figure out ways to convert space and minimize or maximize the available room as needed in order to make the homeowners happy. Of course there are going to be arguments, compromises, and those that don’t want to go any way but their own. But in the end it all comes down to the amount of space and the money that is needed to fix up a home in the manner that is desired.

The Emmy-nominated brothers have so far done a great deal of work in many communities for people that have desired a great deal of help in fixing up their homes and finding new homes that they can renovate, so taking on a show like this is not much of a challenge and is par for the course. But Forever Home is different enough because quite honestly some people just don’t want to leave their homes but can’t quite figure out just what to do with what they have. It could be a structural failing that they don’t know how to fix, or it could be that they don’t quite know what they want. That of course is where the brothers come in with the many different options they can show the homeowners when it comes to fixing up their treasured homes into something they never knew was possible.

The brothers have done a lot of different things over the course of many shows but this is one that is going to be kind of interesting since it’s not focused on moving the homeowners to a new location, but instead keeping them where they’re at and figuring out how best to renovate their home so that it can last them for however long they want to remain. Forever homes are just as they sound, people don’t want to move because they’ve found the place that they figure they can stay for the rest of their lives and be happy. It’s a rarity in this world at times but it’s something that needs to be preserved, and the brothers are obviously on board with this. Getting the people to agree with all the changes though and what the brothers can and can’t do in terms of what will be structurally allowable will be interesting to see.

Plus, depending on the age of the home and the condition that they’re in it will also be interesting since as you might have already seen on one show or another with the brothers there is almost always some difficulty that’s just waiting to be discovered, and the likelihood that it will drive the cost up just a little more. If this happens, as it’s likely to do, the homeowners will probably have to decide with renovations they can live without pretty quickly.

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