What We Learned From The Trailer for “Buffaloed”

What We Learned From The Trailer for “Buffaloed”

Buffaloed came out earlier in the year for those that might think it’s a new movie so it’s easy enough to look it up, rent it, buy it, and possibly enjoy what you see. The movie itself looks pretty funny as Zoey Deutch plays the part of a hustler that is willing to do or sell anything to get out of Buffalo, New York. What she ends up doing though is going to jail for one of her schemes and upon getting out becomes a debt collector that rakes it in before opening her own business and going to war with the local kingpin that runs the debt collection market. All in all it looks like a fun movie that could bring a lot of laughs and a lot of wide-eyed moments that might stun the people watching since it’s bound to be more of a dark comedy than anything. Something about such movies however is intoxicating since they don’t pull a lot of punches, if they pull any, and such movies also tend to err on the side of hilarious moments that are also capable of bending a lot of rules for the sake of the funniest moments imaginable.

It could be argued that through such movies we’re glorifying hustlers that take advantage of others in a truly despicable way and are also saying okay to violence and the kind of behavior that would land most people in jail for a good deal of time. The trick though is that with comedy we take a lot of what might be seen as unacceptable and even deviant behavior and impart a bit of power over it by laughing it away, and of course remembering that it’s an act, a bit of drama in a world where such things are still important. The reality of course is that in real life we would gladly see such hustlers get punished for this type of behavior. But all in all when it’s a movie it’s a chance to laugh and to witness a bit of drama that’s bound to be funny in some ways and a little too close to the truth for some people in others. At least in the movie there’s a pretty decent reason why the main character is attempting to hustle others, but of course the reason isn’t always the point since hustling is something that’s bound to get a person in trouble most times unless they happen to be especially good at it, which she is to some extent. Zoey Deutch has been the kind of talent that’s versatile enough in her roles that one might actually have to look twice to make sure that it’s her in the role and not someone else.

From her time in Dirty Grandpa to Buffaloed to the more recent Zombieland: Double Tap, she’s played a few very different roles and she’s done a great job with all of them. As the nice girl that cares about a lot of things but isn’t really sure what she wants to do with life she’s fairly believable and as the ditzy blonde she’s hilarious but best taken in small doses since the bubbly exterior was enough to make a person cringe. As a hustler though she does come off fairly well considering that it seems to come natural in a way. Looking at Zoey though it’s hard to really say that she does exude the kind of personality that it would take to make this movie believable in any way.

Yet just from the trailer it does seem as though she does a pretty good job. It might not have received a great deal of attention when it was released for a reason, but it does look like the kind of movie that you could get a good laugh off of and might consider watching when there’s nothing pressing to do. It’s not the first movie to come out about a female hustler obviously, but it’s one that goes in another direction that we’re likely not used to since debt collection is something that you generally see big burly guys taking on in the movies. That alone makes it feel as though this movie could be a lot of fun since it’s the kind of story that showcases a different character in a role that has been popularized in the same way throughout the years.

As one of the current generation that is coming up and making something great out of her career Zoey is definitely capable of comedy and drama as it’s been seen, so it might be worth it to watch this movie just to see how effective she is. If nothing else it looks like a good laugh and a movie that can help to pass the time. Something about female hustlers just seems comical when it’s performed in movies.

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