What We Learned from The LEGO DC: Shazam! Magic and Monsters Trailer

What We Learned from The LEGO DC: Shazam! Magic and Monsters Trailer

It does appear that people never get tired of seeing their favorite heroes in Lego form since there have been enough movies to prove this in a big way. This time around we’re getting to see Shazam take on Black Adam along with the Justice League and monsters on top of it. Kylie Hemmert of Coming Soon has more to say on this. For any other movie this might actually feel like a full card but for a Lego movie it’s not all that bad since a host of characters tend to show up in these animated features and it’s hard to keep track of all of them. But this might actually be the closest we get to seeing Shazam and Black Adam tying up since the sequel to Shazam!, if one is forthcoming as it’s been mentioned a time or two, and the live action Black Adam movie are likely going to take a while with Hollywood currently out of action and not really making a quick comeback. Fans of both characters know enough about them to expect a truly awesome movie to be on its way, but for those that don’t know as much about Black Adam it’s probably best to do a little bit of background on the guy since it’s already pretty obvious that he’s every bit as powerful as the other characters and a lot more aggressive.

In a way Black Adam is a lot like Shazam in how he gains his power and how he utilizes it. But unlike Shazam, he doesn’t revert back to a young kid and he is a great deal more violent. Where Shazam is hampered by his alter-ego’s age and inexperience at times, Black Adam has untold centuries of knowledge and experience and is able to beat Shazam in a straight up fight if things go his way. He’s even taken on the Justice League and come through it just fine so that tells you that he’s not someone to be trifled with. In terms of this coming movie it’s fair to say that things are going to be toned down a bit since Lego movies never really get that hardcore and are just a lot more fun and designed to be kid-friendly for the most part. But it does look like it might be pretty entertaining since it’s already looking as though it might have a nice little twist to it that comes in the form of making the most powerful heroes into kids, which as anyone can guess is bound to be kind of problematic for the Justice League.

Lego movies have been a big up for the entertainment industry since they started coming out since they’re funny and definitely made for the whole family and they can incorporate just about anything that’s out there without too many issues when it comes to presenting the material. From DC to Marvel to Star Wars and to just basically anything that the movie needs to include, Lego is pretty much capable of taking on whatever fans want to see. When it comes to DC it’s also a great way to go since animation of any sort is usually a lot more enjoyable since it has fewer limitations than live action does. Let’s be real about this, CGI when it’s done right can look awesome, but it’s become something of an issue throughout the last several years since even if it look amazing the continual and very heavy use of it has become something that people are easily incensed by since there’s a very obvious difference between CGI and reality and sometimes reality is preferred even if it’s not quite as impressive. With animation however the creators can get away with a lot more since there’s no high expectation of making it look realistic, people came to watch animation and that’s what they get thankfully. Cooper Hood of Screenrant has a list of which Lego movies people think are the most satisfying.

At this rate there’s no telling just when we’re going to see another live action DC movie, since even the Wonder Woman sequel might very well be pushed back since there’s no end to the current state of society at the moment. The hope of course is that we get to see more live action movies in the years to come, but right now a lot of people are wondering if Hollywood and theaters are going to be able to hang on if the lock down continues for more than a month or two since that’s a lot of revenue lost and a lot of time to catch up on. A lot of people want to see the big screen light up again and at this time drive-ins are still open and able to be accessed, meaning that the box office still has a faint pulse. The only downside though is that there aren’t that many drive-ins left these days, and if the coronavirus keeps on there might not be many theaters left, period.

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