What We Learned from the First Trailer for “Walker”

What We Learned from the First Trailer for “Walker”

We don’t learn much from the teaser for the new Walker show that will be coming in January of 2021, which isn’t too far away when you really think about it. Whether it’s going to do the original show any justice is hard to say since Jared Padalecki has some big shoes to fill since Chuck Norris made this show into something that was great enough that plenty of people didn’t want to miss an episode of Walker: Texas Ranger when it was still one of the best-known shows on TV. Fans of Padalecki might want to say that he has this in the bag, that he’ll be just as good, but Chuck Norris fans might want to disagree a bit since like it or not, Jared isn’t Chuck, as there’s only one Walker in the eyes of a lot of people. The funny thing is that for those that watched the show the whole idea of it was great and able to entertain the masses in a very effective way, but the plot was essentially the same with every episode. Walker would find out about something illegal going down, he would confront the bad guy, end of story, the bad guy would lose since no one could top Walker. There were only a few instances when he was in any kind of danger since he would walk right into the danger and get things over and done with while everyone else was taking care of damage control elsewhere. This was pretty much the entire premise of the show and the continual outcome that made some people turn away since it did become a little tiresome after a while.

Some people enjoyed it since it hearkened back to a time when the good guy would win because that was how things were supposed to go and that’s how people liked it. But the hope is that this upcoming Walker will find things a bit more difficult since Jared Padalecki isn’t exactly known as a martial arts expert and he hasn’t really been in a lot of movies or TV shows that have shown him to be a specialist when it comes to fighting. That’s why it’s kind of hard to imagine why he’s being placed in this role, but the fact that he’s not so highly-skilled could be one reason why he was selected. It could possibly help to make Walker a little easier for people to relate to if he’s a regular guy that a lot of people can understand and see themselves in since Chuck Norris is about as high as one can go when raising the bar since he’s been considered to be one of the biggest badasses in the world for a long time now. The fact that this is a guy that was in a movie with the legendary Bruce Lee is just one of the many accolades that people point to, as though making sure that others know that his legendary status holds him that much higher than anyone else.

The whole idea of Jared Padalecki taking this role though isn’t too terrible since in terms of acting talent he has what it takes to complete the role and make it work in a different manner. But we’ll have to wait and see if he’s going to be the right guy. From the fact that he’s been cast though it’s pretty obvious that someone thinks he could be, and if Walker continues after is inaugural season then we’ll have our answer. It does feel that he’s going to be someone that will have to work to beat the bad guys, or possibly outthink them, which could be interesting since it’s likely that it will add a different type of feel to the show that people might be hoping for, or might be waiting to see and react to since once again, Walker: Texas Ranger was a phenomenon of sorts that people were fully-invested in and weren’t too keen on letting go when the show finally ended. It doesn’t feel as though we’ll be seeing any of the original actors this time around since the story is going to be different enough that it will require a new cast and a new premise.

Things change now and again and keeping up with them is a task that a lot of people tend to find an issue with, but it’s been long enough since Walker: Texas Ranger was on the air that it should be expected that the coming show will be anticipated and possibly welcomed with open arms by those that are waiting for it. January isn’t too far off, so we won’t have to wait too long for this to happen. By that point maybe people will have warmed to the idea and be fully ready to sit and give Walker their undivided attention.

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