What We Learned from the Disenchantment Season 3 Trailer

Quite a bit has happened to Bean and her world is kind of in turmoil at the moment since a major death occurred in season 1 and she’s had to fight off her evil mother. As though that wasn’t enough, more intrigues and plots are coming in season 3 and Dreamland might actually be under another threat depending on how things turn out. As of January, Netflix is going to be busy again as it continually rolls out one bit of content after another in an effort to keep subscribers happy and push the series that are seeing the best returns. Disenchantment has obviously been one of the more popular animated series among certain crowds as it brings the Simpsons-like quality to Netflix in a big way and kind of grants a lot of people that same feeling that the popular show was responsible for over the years. In this manner, the realm of fantasy is given a heroine that isn’t perfect but is easier to relate to since like it or not, people do want heroes that they can see themselves in at times, not just the upright and noble images that appear to be nearly unattainable. Bean isn’t a perfect character and she has quite a few flaws that people could point out since there are a number of times when it’s been easy to notice that she’s less than what anyone would expect of a princess, but is still someone that can be counted on in the long run.

Dreamland could be in trouble in a couple of ways this coming season since the appearance of Steamland and the obvious interest that it has in the energies that keep Dreamland running could be a huge temptation for an ‘alliance’ as it’s seen in the trailer, which could just as easily become an attempt to conquer the realm. It kind of feels as though Steamland might have a huge advantage if only because of the sheer ingenuity and size that it possesses and the fact that a lot of times, science will trump magic simply because the advance of modern machinery and science tends to outdo magic quite often. It could be that the story will need to change and evolve in a way to allow a merging of the two, but it does feel as though the general feeling will be that Bean will have to do what’s best for her realm while doing her best to ensure that her position is still there when all is said and done since there are still plots to unseat her from the position of power that she doesn’t always feel suited for.

The hilarity and the overall comedic feel of this show are enough to keep people coming back since thus far it’s been wild and crazy enough to help fans maintain interest, but one has to wonder if this coming season is going to bring things to a head or if it’s going to be just one more chapter in a story that the creators will want to keep going for as long as possible. Fans would likely want the latter since the feeling these days is that getting Netflix to keep hold of anything after the third season is becoming increasingly difficult since the streaming service has become notorious for dropping shows either after the first or third seasons, and losing this show could upset a few people, but it’s likely that folks would move on to the next show in line in order to find something appealing that they might hope can stick around. This is a little more pressure on the creative team and those that are responsible for keeping the show fresh and entertaining, but ultimately it’s up to Netflix to decide whether or not the show is going to stick around or if it will need to shop to other services that might want to pick it up. In a way, it almost feels like the highest bidder in the streaming wars will be the one that ends up with the best schedule, but there is still a great deal of pressure on those creating the shows to make certain that people still want to see the content they’re providing.

However this coming season turns out it already looks like it’s going to be hilarious since Bean is going to get confused by a revolving door of all things, and will no doubt be at odds with Steamland for a while before making a decision to ally with them or not. Of course, that kind of alliance could work for her or against her depending on how she chooses to use it, and of course how quickly Steamland decides to really exploit Dreamland. It’s going to be an interesting development to watch, that’s for certain.

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