What We Learned From The Archer Season 12 Trailer

What We Learned From The Archer Season 12 Trailer

What We Learned From The Archer Season 12 Trailer

In order to know what’s really going to be happening in Archer season 12 it’s probably best to be a fan since then you’ll have every last bit of information you’ll need. What can be taken from this trailer is that Archer is, as usual, a poor loser, even when engaged in a roleplaying game with his fellow nerds. Apart from that, it looks as though the next season might be taking place in a jungle setting and global warming might be an issue that needs to be addressed, along with the many, many other issues that Archer and his team tend to have. What season 12 is likely to bring will no doubt be closer to what people have been expecting since the last couple of seasons appear to have been a return to normal while previous seasons were thought to be below the expectations of the fans. Expecting too much out of this show however has been something that many people might not have been doing for a while as the comical, animated spy series has been good for a lot of laughs throughout the years, but according to many who aren’t fans it’s a bit hard to get into.

To each their own, right? It’s obvious that Archer has been a big hit with a lot of people since the show’s inception, but there are still plenty that might rather see it take a breather for a long time. Still, if this coming season sees things get back to normal a lot of those people might be singing a different tune at some point. It’s worth thinking about since first impressions can sometimes be misleading, and so far the trailer does look crazy enough to be kind of fun. When talking about animation that’s been devised for adults it’s sometimes easy to forget that the wild and crazy stuff is going to be the baseline since it’s not typically made for kids, but with Archer, one has to remember that wild and crazy kind of goes down a different pathway than other animated series.

Stories such as this tend to appeal to those that like the silly and out of control type of tales that are ground in a definite premise but are still allowed to expand and then snap back as needs be in order to tell one story after another that’s connected to the main plot. Spy stories have been popular for quite a while since there’s something about them that people find particularly inviting given that a lot of these stories have to do with the action of some sort, espionage, and plenty of subject material that’s considered risque by some people and welcomed by many others. The manner in which Archer has been formed around these themes has kept people laughing for years now and has proven to be worth keeping around. The show might not appeal to everyone but that’s pretty common as a lot of shows don’t conform to what people want. But the beauty of the entertainment industry today is that if one doesn’t like what they see then they can pick from a wide variety of streaming stations, cable channels, and other sources to watch whatever it is they want. Archer is just one of the hundreds of shows that people can enjoy, and it’s definitely one of the silliest.

But with that being said it’s also one of those that has been pulling in fans over the years, which is one of the things that it needs to do since, without fans, there’s no need for the show. Despite the fact that it is one of the shows that might make a lot of people roll their eyes and wonder who in the world is coming up with this stuff, Archer has still been a widely favored show over the years, which has facilitated its continued renewal for each season. There are a lot of shows that people can’t imagine being renewed so many times, and yet the fact is that they bring in the ratings and thus are worth the money that’s being poured into them, so from a business decision it’s wise to keep them and keep moving forward.

Sometimes it feels that some shows are being kept just for the sake of a few fans that happen to love the show, but that’s not even close to accurate, since plenty of fans either like or love Archer and are all over each new season. While season 12 will see the end of one character it’s bound to happen that the antics and missions will continue since it doesn’t sound as though anything is slowing down and it’s likely that there are plenty of psychotic ideas yet to come that people will somehow find a way to get into each new adventure that the group finds themselves in.

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