What We Learned from The American Horror Stories Trailer

What We Learned from The American Horror Stories Trailer

The image of a woman in a rubber suit and a very familiar house surrounded by a sea of red makes it feel that the next season of American Horror Story will be taking place within the fabled Murder House, which appears to be accurate. But very few details at this moment it’s difficult to say just what will be taking place. Several of the show’s regulars have already been signed on, but there’s a trick to this season, which is titled Double Feature. Considering that the show has been late in coming thanks to the pandemic, season 10 will feature two stories, one that will happen by sea, and one that will happen by sand, or so it’s being told. There will be new additions to the show coming as well, such as Macaulay Culkin and Neal McDonough, who each bring their own level of experience to the table when it comes to drama, suspense, and even a sense of the horrific as both men have seen their fair share of the business and know how to react to many different situations.

Going back to the Murder House appears to be a common theme of AHS that has come up now and again throughout the years, though it’s not hard to appreciate this since the show did start here and there are bound to be plenty of stories left in this house that have yet to be fully explored. The course of AHS has definitely led the viewers down a few strange and twisting roads as it’s gone from ghost stories to alien abduction to the fabled Roanoke and even to the end of the world at one point. But things tend to keep coming back to this point in time as the idea of teetering on the edge of madness and the possible end of all things continues to play out in each season as one story bleeds into another while other stories might appear to have little if anything to do with each other. Cult was, by far, one of the more confusing seasons simply because it took a while to get going and because despite existing in the same universe, it was a very different story than many of the other seasons, existing in a very real state as opposed to the more supernatural tales that started with the first season.

Season 10 is set to start up in August on FX and will be available on Hulu the day after it airs, which means that a lot of people that have transitioned over to streaming will have to wait an extra day unless they still have cable as well. Depending on how dedicated a person is to the show it might be that some folks will take that extra expense and see the show the day it comes out instead of waiting, but considering how long we’ve waited for the show to arrive, one more day wouldn’t hurt. Some might want to argue with that, but patience isn’t all that hard to come by at this point, especially after the past year of delays and irritation that had no relief when it came to entertainment. But one thing anyone should be able to say is that everyone has pushed through it at this point and a lot of people are ready to get back to life as it was, as much as possible anyway.

The ominous imagery that’s being given for AHS season 10 isn’t really that new, since each season has been built up in a manner that is set to put a person’s nerves on edge as they try to predict what will be happening and how things will turn out. A return to Murder House is bound to feature a good number of familiar sights that people will no doubt comment on, but one has to wonder what else is going to happen since this particular house has been a rather big feature in AHS at this time, and trying to think of what else will come rushing out of the shadows is likely already keeping some fans in suspense as they try to analyze every little detail in order to figure out what’s coming.

It does feel as though we might see at least a couple of familiar characters this time around, but it could also be that this season will introduce other characters that we haven’t met yet, as there’s always room for more souls when it comes to a horror story. A few actors that haven’t been seen all that often will be heading back to the show apparently, which could mean that AHS season 10 will take on a familiar look, but will still tell a very different story that will somehow connect to the overall theme that has been building since season 1.

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