What We Learned from Dune’s First Official Trailer

What We Learned from Dune’s First Official Trailer

What We Learned from Dune’s First Official Trailer

After all the intrigue and all the buildup, it does feel as though the official trailer for Dune gives too much away and it also feels as though the movie is going to have to really work to make certain that there’s more to notice than the grand moments that are shown in the trailer. Make no mistake, the movie does look awesome in scope, but it also appears that within the next couple of months that many more theories and rumors might abound concerning what we’ll see, what people will be expecting, and why the trailer is essentially giving away a big part of the movie. Most people that have read the books and seen the movie know what’s coming since the story isn’t a new one. It’s an older tale in a new form, but the fact is that Dune isn’t bound to change so much that people can’t recognize it any longer. That still doesn’t fully excuse the fact that this trailer, which is nearly three and a half minutes of what feels like pivotal scenes in the movie, gives away enough that people can at least guess at what will be happening next.

From a fan standpoint, this movie looks absolutely great since the effects and even the acting are already worth getting excited for when it comes to seeing the whole thing. When comparing this to the movies that have come before, one can’t help but think that time and a great deal of patience to allow the technology to mature will pay off in a big way since from what we’ve seen in the trailer, the effects alone are going to be mesmerizing. The acting is bound to be great since not only is there a stellar cast on board, but many of these individuals already appear to be taking on familiar traits that have been seen in many of their other performances, which is all kinds of great since it would appear that, from the trailer, they’re meshing quite nicely.

There have been plenty of doubts concerning this movie since it was announced to be happening, and it’s likely that some of those doubts still remain, but after seeing the trailer it might be that some of the naysayers could be reassessing their position and will decide to give the movie a chance before stating that they prefer the original and won’t be swayed. Some will do this out of habit since like it or not, there are plenty of people that prefer the first movie, and will cling to that as much as they possibly can. A lot of people have probably forgotten the second version on purpose, as it had moments when it could have been great, but fell short of the intended mark. This movie could end up doing the same, but at the moment it feels doubtful. No matter what’s been said and even thought about this movie up to this point, the trailer should be able to put to rest many of the doubts that have arisen over the months and make it possible for people to find a reason to make their way to the theater or subscribe to HBO Max, where it might be preferable since one can get up to a 30-day free trial subscription and not have to pay the insanely high prices at the theater.

Of course, there will be plenty of people stating that a movie such as Dune absolutely HAS to be seen on the big screen, since the effects won’t come through in the same manner as they might when sitting in a darkened space waiting to be assaulted with images and noises that will impress a person and make them feel as though they’re actually in the movie. Okay, so there’s definitely some appeal to going to the theater, but a free movie, basically, is also pretty appealing since one is in the comfort of their own home, doesn’t have to spend a bunch of money, and can enjoy the movie at their own pace, meaning that yes, you can pause it if you need to get up and use the bathroom. The argument about streaming take over the theater experience is still very much in effect, but one has to admit that being able to stay home and experience the movie while in comfort is pretty nice.

It’s easy to think that directors are still going to rail against this idea since the work they put into their movies makes it easy to see why they would want people to make their way to the theater and spend that extra money. But if all we’re doing is appealing to their vanity and the extra few bucks that go into their pocket, well, it might be time to snuggle up on the couch and enjoy the home experience a little more often.

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