What We Can Expect from Batwoman Season 2

What We Can Expect from Batwoman Season 2

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It’s hard to say without a snicker that Batwoman came on the scene in season 1 without any hiccups or controversy since to be realistic it was seen as a very controversial show from the get thanks to the trailer that appeared to be made by a feminist with a serious ax to grind against men. Of course, moving past that notion and the idea that it would be a complete man-bashing free for all throughout the season it’s been seen that Batwoman has enjoyed the kind of love that a fan base can give, though like so many other shows it also felt the bitter end of a season in a premature fashion thanks to the coronavirus. As Andy Behbakt of Screenrant has stated it might be that we’ll see filming for season 2 begin in late June to July if we’re lucky, but if not then it’s going to get pushed back with everything else. That wouldn’t be much of a surprise given how the newscasts have been going. If the shutdown continues to last however things are only bound to get worse for the entertainment industry, as by now people are starting to wonder if movie theaters are going to be shutting down and whether or not their favorite TV shows are even going to be coming back before the end of the year. Right now it’s not looking too hopeful for a lot of productions, but the desire is to see production start up in a couple of months.

One thing that’s been made clear by Rick Porter of The Hollywood Reporter and many others is that Ruby Rose won’t be taking on the role of Kate Kane again come season 2, an announcement that has left a lot of people without anything to say. It’s especially surprising seeing as she was so psyched to take on the role leading into the show, but remembering back she faced a lot of backlash when she was first cast as the LGBTQ+ community let her have it. At some point Rose left Twitter because of the continuous comments and went on to become the openly gay superhero that a lot of people were looking forward to when Batwoman came out. But for what sound like her own reasons she’s backing out of the show and won’t be returning. That kind of leaves Batwoman at an impasse as of right now since it’s kind of a wonder just who might end up replacing her and whether or not the LGBTQ+ community is going to agree with the decision. Obviously it shouldn’t matter so long as the woman that’s selected can act, but likely as not the community is still keeping a close eye on any rumors that might be floating around as to how the show will go about filling the void.

As of right now building off of season one is the main goal, while replacing Rose is something that will need to be done quickly and hopefully without too much fuss since another go-around such as that which happened when Rose was cast and then vilified by so many wouldn’t be the best omen for a show that a lot of people were openly criticizing to begin with. Hopefully this time the Twitter storm, if it happens at all, will be less than it was with Rose and fans will learn that like it or not that there are certain things they don’t get to change or affect with their less than satisfactory opinions and attitudes. As far as the show goes it does sound as though Hush could be one of the main villains being introduced, while the Crows will still be around along with a host of other villains that might be planned throughout the length of the season. Whoever dons the cowl and cape is going to be walking into unfamiliar territory no doubt as they’ll be asked to take on a role that’s become something of a joy for some and a point of irritation for others. It’d be great if Batwoman was simply universally accepted since since she’s been a part of the Bat family for a while now and people have been wanting to see her on screen for some time. But thanks in part to the number of issues that have risen throughout the years concerning sexuality and gender it’s become something of a headache to simply enjoy anything simply because there’s always going to be someone that has to say something about it. So Batwoman is an open lesbian, it’s a big deal because she’s one of the only openly gay superheroes around at this point, and as a result she’s become a lightning rod for the LGBTQ+ community and is still seen as another hero by everyone else. Brian Gallagher of Daily Mail has more to say on this subject. One would hope that would be the end of it, but until people can get on the same page it’s easy to see that Batwoman will have a few more hurdles to leap.

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