What is Quentin Tarantino’s Most Forgotten Movie?

What is Quentin Tarantino’s Most Forgotten Movie?

What is Quentin Tarantino’s Most Forgotten Movie?

Anytime a person asks a question such as ‘what is Quentin Tarantino’s most forgotten movie’ it’s easy to expect people to argue over just which movie was left behind and has been truly forgotten. You might even have people splitting hairs about which movies he really directed or just wrote for, and you might even have them coming up with conspiracy theories about movies he might have directed but was subsequently erased from later on since they were such big flops. All you can do is sigh and roll your eyes since to be fair, Tarantino hasn’t done a whole lot of directing compared to many others, but people still call him a genius for the things he’s done. If you want to go by stories he’s written, the Natural Born Killers might be one of the more forgettable movies he’s ever done, somehow. This movie caused an uproar when it came out due to its content and graphic violence, but if anyone knows what a Tarantino-created movie is all about then they’ll know that something messed up is going to happen at one point or another. Somehow this is attributed to his genius in some way as his filmmaking techniques are said to be legendary in some sense. Arguing about this isn’t going to get anyone anywhere since some folks think he’s a genius and others look at those folks as though they’re unaware that the guy has a few screws loose.

A good compromise is to say that he can tell a compelling story but he does happen to have a very distinct style that isn’t for everyone. As far as the most forgotten movie goes though, it does feel that either Natural Born Killers or True Romance would fit the bill since they both have a diehard following and they’re both distinctive of the path he would eventually take with his other movies. One thing you can count on with a Tarantino movie is that there’s bound to be violence, swearing, racial epithets at some point, and a great deal of controversy. The director appears to thrive on it when creating his movies, if only because he does happen to understand that people are going to lock on these ideas and comment on them in one way or another. This is the genius of Tarantino that people tend to talk about so often, he knows how to stoke the audience and push ideas that they’ll comment on without cease, but beyond that, the smoke and mirrors tend to fade a bit. What is evident though is that people don’t often move past the smoke and mirrors that are his methods since they want to believe that he’s more or less a genius that has few if any peers. When it comes to his movies though there are some that have been forgotten a bit more than others, to be realistic it’s not because they were less than effective movies, and more because his name wasn’t quite as big as it is now.

At this point and time his name is so big that people know who directed Kill Bill, Django Unchained, and Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, but back in the day his name wasn’t that big and it was easy for the movies he brought into the spotlight to be forgotten since they weren’t exactly the huge blockbusters that people were willing to pay attention to. Plus, Natural Born Killers wasn’t directed by Tarantino, it was directed by Oliver Stone, who was a much bigger name at that time than Tarantino and was easier to push to the forefront when it came to taking credit for said movie. Think about it, recognizing the writer of a movie is often harder than recognizing the director, which makes Natural Born Killers easier to attribute to Oliver Stone than Tarantino. Natural Born Killers was a trippy movie by all means since it was all about murder and the reasons behind it, and it went on a blood-soaked trip from start to finish that upset a lot of people when it released. The fact that it’s been kind of forgotten, not entirely but in some ways, isn’t too surprising since not only was it unknown to many people that Tarantino was associated with it, but also because it was one of those movies that slapped people in the face, metaphorically-speaking, and suffered a bit of backlash for it.

As far as True Romance, many people might still stand up for this movie since it can be likened to holding on to the rookie card of a popular athlete, it might be valuable at one point, especially when they’re no longer around. That’s about the extent of the movie’s popularity right now, and the same could be said of Natural Born Killers. They’ve been kind of forgotten, but at the same time, they’re valued since they signaled Tarantino’s emergence into the big leagues.

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