What if Pee Wee Herman Voiced Kylo Ren?

What if Pee Wee Herman Voiced Kylo Ren?

It does feel that the best question that can be asked right at this moment is whether or not hearing Pee Wee Herman’s voice coming from Kylo Ren makes him any worse or better of a character. People might actually laugh when thinking that it could make him better since it would definitely make him comical and a little more enjoyable in a very strange sense. But would it really make him any worse? That’s where the irony comes in since it doesn’t feel as though it would. Kylo Ren wasn’t the absolute worst Star Wars character ever created, but he was definitely not the best since he came off as an emo Force-user that threw temper tantrums since he’d never learned the kind of emotional control that would have kept him from destroying anything that was in his way when he became extremely angry. Out of every Force-user that’s ever been created, he’s been one of the most unstable of all since even the craziest Jedi and Sith didn’t fly off the hook as he did, preferring to destroy something a little more meaningful when they really felt the need. Adam Driver isn’t a bad actor, but he was given a role that was a little tough to buy into simply because he felt like a pretender, someone that didn’t need to be there but was all we had so he was embraced as much as possible. But the fact that he’s been so maligned over the course of his time in the franchise isn’t even the reason why this clip is so funny. It’s because, with his mask on, a lot of people can probably imagine what it would be like if this had been real.

Let’s get something straight here, as emotional and over the top as he was, Kylo should have been able to kick the hell out of Finn and Rey since neither of them were experts in lightsaber combat. But apart from that, and Rey’s miraculous and sudden ability to fight and use the Force in such a focused manner, Kylo was pretty ineffective. He became a very opportunistic character that had to have things fall in a certain way to be effective at all. His mastery over the Force was so incomplete that he was blinded by his hatred of his old master, Luke Skywalker, and didn’t realize that he was fighting a projected image until it was too late. And even then, Luke was toying with Kylo, biding his time so that the Rebels could escape and live to fight another day. Plus, it feels likely that a few Force ghosts could have taken Kylo as well. His character arc was on its way to being better when he was killed off since his sudden defection to the light side of the Force was just as miraculous as anything else in the trilogy. But it still wasn’t given the kind of explanation that fans might have liked.

There were a lot of things about the most recent trilogy that felt a little too rushed, or underdeveloped, and yet they weren’t the worst movies ever made. The Last Jedi was disappointing, but it had its good points, while Rise of Skywalker had its downfalls, but also its triumphs. The Force Awakens was no different, as it had plenty of memorable moments, but still didn’t quite deliver in some ways. But when it comes to Kylo Ren, the comedic version created using Pee Wee Herman’s voice is something that a lot of people, those with a sense of humor at least, should be able to admit is something that can be held up as accurate when it comes to Kylo’s overall character given that in the first of the three movies he felt much more like an entitled and spoiled kid than a confident and capable Force-user with command over legions of soldiers. It sounds cynical and even dismissive of Adam Driver’s acting skills, but the effect that this had on the story was that the Jedi and the Sith had given way to someone that was all for the dark side of the Force but was prone to temper tantrums when he didn’t get his way and was so undisciplined that he would fail in a lot of ways when it came to being in charge.

The funniest part of this clip is how the words were matched up with each situation so perfectly since even the expressions of Kylo’s subordinates were perfect in how they reacted to the actual moment. Pee Wee Herman has been a pop culture icon for so long that it’s not hard to figure out why he was used, but whoever was in charge of picking each spot for each segment definitely did a good job. One can only imagine who they might have used for Darth Vader.

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