What Happens to Sloane in Umbrella Academy and Will She Be Part of Season Four?

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It was February 2019 when Umbrella Academy first aired. Netflix released the first season with huge accolades. Nearly 45 million households tuned in during the first month, which is virtually unheard of. The show became one of Netflix’s most successful. Now that we are into season three (it was released in June 2022), we’ve gotten to know some of the characters better. Sloane, Umbrella Academy’s new girl, is one we are a little fascinated with. Her character did not appear until season three, and she had a power that was pretty cool. Essentially, gravity is no match for Sloane. She’s got the power to manipulate it, and that’s no easy feat. Who is Sloane from Umbrella Academy?

Sloane is Umbrella Academy’s Sloane Hargreeves

She’s a sparrow. What does this mean? If you are not a show fan, there’s a good chance we won’t do a good job explaining this to you. The Sparrows came into the show during season three, and she is one of them. Much like the kids from the Umbrella Academy, these are a group of ‘siblings’ who are powered in some capacity. Still, they appear to exist in some sort of alternative universe to the superheroes at the Academy. The sparrows each have their own power. There are seven of them.

As you know from watching the show – these kids are numbered by their usefulness by their creator/father/the Monocle. They are not numbered by age. She’s number five of seven.

What Happened to Her at the end of Season Three?

The deal with the Sparrows is that they are much like the Umbrellas. However, the Umbrellas are nowhere near as close or as strong as the Sparrows. The Umbrellas have a lot of issues among their group, though it appears the Sparrows work together seamlessly as a team. They don’t appear to have any issues with one another, which works well for them. However, there are a few other issues they do have. One of those issues is that despite their best efforts to deal with the Umbrellas is that Sloane likes one of them.

Credit: @umbrellaacad

From Kidnapping to Love

When Sloane from Umbrella Academy and her Sparrow siblings capture Luther – he is number one in the Umbrellas – it’s so they can learn from him and see what they can find out while he’s in their custody. However, it turns out that kidnappers fall in love with their victims and vice versa. These two bond heavily over the fact that they just don’t fit in. They are heavily isolated from the world. They cannot be expected in any capacity, and their life is hard on them. This sudden friendship quickly turns into so much more than that.

The unthinkable happens, and these two enemies fall for one another. Because of their deep love for one another, they can end the fighting between their families and work together. They have to stop the world from ending, though this claims the lives of five of the Sparrows.

Does Sloane from Umbrella Academy Die?

Before the families work to save the world, Sloane and Luther wed. They are in love. They want to be their own family, and he wants her to be part of his family. Following the wedding, they must fight to protect the world. They do, but things do not end well for Sloane and her family. Sadly, Luther is killed by their father after they refuse to help him fix his own mistakes and the problems he’s called. Sloane is the only one left with any power and the ability to save everyone and fix the universe. She does this, but now she is gone.

Credit: @umbrellaacad

Where is Sloane?

We don’t know if she died or if she was able to come back elsewhere. Our problem is that it’s over, and there is no Sloane. Did she end up being removed from the show? Is there another story in which she might come back, and things might change? We don’t know. Season four is a go, but it’s also the series’ final season. With Sloane missing, a new timeline in play, and a lot happening with everyone in their human bodies, will they even bring her back? A lot must happen in the fourth and final season, and we just want to know if Sloane gets to be a part of that. We must wait until season four premiers (and no, we don’t have that date) to find out.

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