What Designated Survivor’s Focus Will Be For Season 3

What Designated Survivor’s Focus Will Be For Season 3

What Designated Survivor’s Focus Will Be For Season 3

In May of 2018, ABC made the announcement that it would be canceling Designated Survivor. There seems to have been a number of reasons for this choice on the part of the network. First, Designated Survivor had been see a steady fall in its viewership numbers over the course of two seasons, which was particularly problematic because there wasn’t a clear way for said process to be reversed. Second, the series had a succession of show-runners, which was enough of a hassle to eat into the network’s patience. Third, some sources have claimed that the third season would have needed a bigger production budget, thus making the series that much less attractive. Fortunately for fans of Designated Survivor, the series will indeed be receiving a Season 3, seeing as how Netflix has chosen to take a chance upon it where ABC would not.

What Do We Know about Season 3 of Designated Survivor?

Currently, there isn’t a lot of concrete information that has been released about Season 3 of Designated Survivor. For example, we know that the new season will have a total of 10 episodes, but to be perfectly honest, this isn’t much more than a tidbit of information. Likewise, it has been stated that Season 3 will come out in 2019, but there has been no indication of what month or even what quarter will see that happen. Still, a paucity of information isn’t the same as no information whatsoever, meaning that interested individuals should still be able to find some bits and pieces to tide them over while they wait.

For starters, we know what Season 3 of Designated Survivor will be focused upon. In short, the season will see President Kirkland head out on political campaign. As a result, the episodes will be covering the nature of political campaigns in modern U.S. politics. Furthermore, the episodes will be presenting some important questions such as what kind of price people are willing to pay for power. Suffice to say that this choice of topic has the potential to make the season very relevant for the present day, though this is something that could backfire should it fail to receive the right care and consideration.

Moving on, Kirkland’s chief of staff was fired at the end of Season 2. Said character will be making a return in Season 3, but Kirkland will have a new chief of staff named Mars Harper, who will be played by Anthony Edwards. Supposedly, Harper will be a likable character who is well-respected by a wide range of people, who makes use of his genteel demeanor to make other people listen to him. On top of this, Harper will be clashing with Kirkland’s campaign manager Lorraine Zimmer, who will be played by Julie White. It will be interesting to see what positions will be taken up by what characters, seeing as how this setup sounds like it would be a convenient way to explore the issue of how far a political candidate can go when seeking to win as well as the related issue of how far a political candidate should go when seeking to win.

Finally, it has been revealed that Neal Baer is the person who has been chosen to serve as the show-runner for Season 3 of Designated Survivor. Primarily, he should be known to interested individuals because of his involvement with both ER and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. However, Baer has been involved in other series in a major way as well, with an excellent example being how he was the show-runner as well as one of the executive producers for Under the Dome. For those who are keeping count, Neal Baer will be the fifth show-runner for the series so far.

Final Thoughts

There has been no public reveal of when Designated Survivor will make it onto Netflix for interested individuals. However, we do have a general idea of when that will happen. As a result, it seems safe to say that as 2018 comes to a close and 2019 proceeds, more and more information is bound to come up for the series. Due to this, interested individuals should make sure to keep a watchful eye on entertainment news because chances are good that as soon as information comes out, it will spread like wildfire throughout the Internet and other platforms.

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