What Can We Expect From Castle Rock Season 3?

Considering the fact that we’re dealing with the Stephen King multiverse when it comes to Castle Rock and the fact that a lot of his stories revolve around each other and several are even set in various parts of Maine, it’d be great to start seeing a few other key moments from his books that take place in this universe. Those that have read his books know that the majority of them focus around The Dark Tower series, which was given a movie that was downright horrible and should have likely been turned into a series or several movies instead of just the one mashup that we were given. Keep Idris Elba by all means, but find someone that knows how to write dialogue and adhere to a story in a much better fashion. At any rate, following that rant it should be a hope that fans can expect to see even more noticeable aspects of Stephen King’s best stories popping up here and there since if they’re all existing in the same universe then there’s no reason why they can’t all be happening along the same timeline. As Keith Deininger of Screenrant has even mentioned it could be worthwhile bringing in Leland Gaunt from Needful Things since he was a character that many of us readers enjoyed, and there could be a wide variety of Easter eggs that would be fully accepted and appreciated by the fans.

It’s very likely that the extras are going to keep rolling in since despite the fact that the show is following its own beat and kind of filling in around the main stories there are plenty areas where the main story can coincide with those that have come before and still retain its own identity. While not all of his stories take place in Maine, a few of them are close enough as in New York and Pennsylvania that they wouldn’t be too far removed from the main story and it’s wanderings, and could possibly be incorporated at one point or another. But think of it, Needful Things, Salem’s Lot, Christine, and several others take place in this shared universe. Insomnia is another one that deals with the worlds beyond worlds that King has built upon and is a little-known story that is revered by a lot of fans but somehow hasn’t gotten much notice for one reason or another. There’s literally a whole world yet to be explored when it comes to Castle Rock, and much of it exists within its fictional borders as there are so many stories to unfold along the timeline of the town that there should easily be another season of the show coming once the pandemic is over, and perhaps even another season after that.

Stephen King is and has been for a while the kind of author that has set a high bar for many to follow since he redefined the horror genre in a big way when it comes to literature. For too long his books have been made into movies that were far less appealing than they should have been, but had some redeeming qualities to them. In recent years, barring The Dark Tower movie, things have definitely gotten better and the quality of storytelling based on his books has managed to improve quite a bit, so much in fact that some people might be wondering why there aren’t more reboots coming that bring his stories back to prominence. IT chapters 1 and 2 might answer that since to be honest both of them were impressive until certain points when it became apparent that someone wasn’t really paying attention to the story or couldn’t find another way to defeat Pennywise. But throwing insults at him? Come on, there had to be some other way to make that work that wouldn’t involve out-bullying a bully. In a way it’s kind of a hope that one day that movie will also be rebooted, but not for some time to come. But movies such as The Tommyknockers, Under the Dome, and several others deserve another shot if only because they’re good ideas, but need someone that’s going to think of how to use the source material but at the same time create something that’s going to be familiar and ground-breaking at the same time. So far Castle Rock has been a great show as far as many fans are concerned, and while it’s possible that it could eventually get another season it’s bound to be a while before we get to see it for obvious reasons.

If we do though I can say that one thing I would love to see is an appearance at some point by either Leland Gaunt or quite possibly Roland Deschain strolling about, and maybe Eddie Dean with him as per one of The Dark Tower stories. That would be a site to see.

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