What Can We Expect From a Westworld Season 4?

Based on what’s already happened in season three it does feel as though a Westworld season 4 could be off the hook in terms of what might happen. As Lesley Goldeberg of The Hollywood Reporter has already stated, Westworld has been renewed for a fourth season, so what we’re seeing now, the chaos and the uprising, is only the start of something that’s bound to get even bigger as the series wears on. One thing that is important to note however is that anyone coming into the series fresh and thinking that they’re going to understand it all might be better off watching seasons 1 and 2 just to insure that they know who’s who and why the action is popping off the way it is at the moment. While Caleb several others are new to the series there are plenty of returning stars that have shifted in their purpose since joining the cast, and as far as Dolores and Maeve go, things have been altered immensely since season 1 when Dolores started ‘waking up’ to realize her place in the system. As of now she’s escaped Westworld and the Delos park and has recruited Caleb who, as an ex-soldier is a lot more capable than he appeared in the trailers, and is currently working her way towards bringing the whole system crashing down and Serac’s work to a close. Right now things are in utter chaos and there’s still two episodes left to the season.

Given that it took almost two years between seasons 2 and 3 and that the coronavirus still has every studio on shutdown it’s likely that it could take a while to see a season 4 appear, but the renewal has made it clear that it will come eventually no matter how long we have to wait. In that time though it would be best for a lot of people to kick back and really dig into the first three seasons in order to fully understand and grasp just what’s going on. The ride that started in season 1 was basically showing people a park where their every dream and fantasy can be brought to actual life using hosts that are technically alive but are still constructs that didn’t have any hint that the world they existed in was just a carefully designed backdrop, or that they were disposable beings that could be reprogrammed, patched up, and sent back out to be used as the human guests saw fit. Once Dolores, the main protagonist/antagonist (depending on how you view the story) woke up however, things only started getting more and more out of control as she came to find out that her life wasn’t her own, and that the world she existed in was a fanciful thing that was no more real than she was. Maeve, yet another host that began to wake up and question the world around her, became another force in the Delos park that started causing problems left and right for every last individual that had anything to do with keeping her and the others contained. The difference between Maeve and Dolores however is slight, as both of them are out to do their own thing, though Dolores is attempting to bring the system down, whereas Maeve has proved to be just a little more devious in her ways.

As for what we’re bound to see in the next season, well, that kind of depends on what we’re going to see in the final two episodes. Dolores and Maeve definitely appear to be on a collision course no matter that it’s a meandering route at best and something that can’t be fully predicted at this point. The fact that Serac’s program has been damaged so horribly and yet he’s still around to cause trouble is something that needs to be taken into consideration. If he makes it out of the season alive, in any sense of the word, then it’s easy to think that he’s going to be another huge problem on the horizon that will need to be dealt with. Right now it’s still a little early to make too many predictions about season 4 since it’s bound to be a while until we’re able to really dig in on whether or not certain things are bound to happen and what direction the show will take once it’s all said and done. But as of now the fact that Dolores and Maeve are still active participants in the show speaks volumes since these are two of the most important figures left in Westworld and it’s likely going to come down to just who’s left standing when the chaos finally burns itself out. As it stands, the show has been a little less confusing than the second season and a lot more action-packed, which is likely why some folks are still into it.

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