What a Possible Watchmen Season 2 Might Look Like

At this time fans of The Watchmen series might be kind of disappointed to learn that there are no plans for a season 2, that the first one almost appears to have been a one and done kind of tactic that has yet to really push a second season or even confirm that it’s an idea in the making. That could be a stunner for a lot of people since thus far it sounds as though people have been nothing but positive concerning the series and were likely waiting to hear that it would be continued. Unfortunately as John Orquiola of ScreenRant and many others are reporting the likelihood that there will ever be a season 2 is up in the air at this point, and to be fair that sounds as though it could change if someone higher up could possibly come up with a plan that didn’t involve just stopping in mid-stride when it sounds like the series was going so well. Fans are already heavily invested in the characters, particularly Sister Night, and likely want to know if there will be another Doctor Manhattan or if the death of the character is as final as it was made out to be.

Plus people want to know what happens to Ozymandias and they want to know just where Sister Night will go from here on out. There are too many questions no matter how many were answered to just quit now. It’s likely that people will be hoping and crossing their fingers that HBO will come to their senses eventually and decide that it’s time to declare that there will in fact be another seasons and that production will hopefully get underway in 2020. The downside of this is that even if they do there’s a good chance that the earliest anyone would see the next season would be 2021 since if you’ll recall production on the first season started back in 2017, which means there are bound to be a couple of years between each season since it would appear that the showrunner wants to make everything as perfect as it can possibly be. There’s no shame in that and really it’s a blessing to have someone that wants to make a presentation as good as it can be for the fans, but of course fans are going to be difficult and want it all now while they also want it to be something great, as though producers and directors, and writers, can come up with stuff on the fly that’s going to be brilliant and be able to inspire those that will work on the project to be just as inspired and just as perfect. It doesn’t always happen that way unfortunately. In fact it rarely happens that way since everything Hollywood does manage to put out takes a great deal of work.

In any case if the next season is given the green light it’s going to take a while and there’s no telling just who will sign on in the first place since the waiting game isn’t enjoyed by everyone. Still, fans would likely wait as much as they need to if only to make sure that they don’t miss out on something great and possibly another segment to a story that has already proven to be gripping and very entertaining. Taking place so long after the original comic the world of the Watchmen has indeed moved on and new faces have emerged while older ones have managed to stick around. It’s almost too bad that the Comedian and Rorschach had to die since in a way they were very pivotal characters that made the story worth telling. But there are moments in any story when some of the most important characters have to be taken out either because their arc has reached its end and will only turn back on itself, or because it adds a great deal of emotional impact that might not have been available had they stuck around any longer. Rorschach knew the truth of what Ozymandias did and would have exposed him and threatened the peace that had sprung up in the wake of such horrible disaster, but the ironic part is that no matter how bad things get and no matter how humans can pull together in a time of crisis, there’s always a trigger that will keep people turning on each other again and again.

The first season of Watchmen definitely changed things around and made a good accounting of itself, but whether or not we’ll get to see a second is really iffy at the moment. It would be great if HBO would say ‘sure let’s do it’ and end the suspense, but as of right now there’s not a lot to be said about it and fans are going to have to wait and hope that this changes.

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