Wesley Snipes Partners With Cryptocurrency Messaging App and Says “It’s Like Tech Jujitsu”

Wesley Snipes has partnered with the cryptocurrency messaging app called Nynja and has stated that it’s like “tech Jujitsu”. Well, with analogies aside it seems that cryptocurrency is on the rise just as fast it falls sometimes. The issues surrounding it have left a lot of people to openly criticize the use of the currency stating that it’s simply too open to fraud at the moment. Right now it seems like the next best thing to come around but really there’s not a lot known about it and the number of apps opening up their own line of currency is kind of insane. At some point people are going to have to wonder how much of one currency is going to be worth how much of another currency, you know, like the exchange rate we have now. The only difference is that the likelihood that there will be far more cryptocurrencies out there than physical money is something that it slightly intimidating. In a way, using Snipes’ words as an example, it’s like coming up with your own brand of martial arts in a world where everything has basically the same root to spring from but is now some new and improved version of itself that people haven’t seen yet. Maybe that’s not quite the way it needs to sound but quite honestly it’s a start.

If you recall, Snipes spent three years in prison due to tax evasion. The main problem with this is that cryptocurrency is being heavily criticized as a means of avoiding paying taxes, so his attempt to get into the practice is something that has a lot of people looking at him and wondering if he knows what he’s doing. Plus there’s the fact that if he knew what he was doing and didn’t think he’d get dinged, would he possibly do it again?

Most people would say no, of course he wouldn’t, but with something like cryptocurrency, that’s popular but still largely uncertain, it almost seems safe to say that old habits would die hard. Now that’s not to say that he’d go gung-ho and go ahead and try it, but sometimes old habits just seem to take over. We can only assume at this point however that Snipes was glad to get out and get back into films. He’s even open to doing another Blade movie, but so far there’s no word on that one. To this point the biggest film he’s been in as been The Expendables 3, and rumors have abounded that Stallone didn’t seek him, Snipes went to him to try and get into the movie. Seeing as he’d worked with him before and it was likely doing him a solid, Stallone let him on the crew.

So Snipes is doing his best to make a comeback at this point after having alienated his fans for a while by taking on projects that were just horrible and going to prison for something as foolish as tax evasion. But there’s still a possibility that with cryptocurrency he could reverse his fortunes and start making something of his career again. It waits to be seen, but it’s possible.

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