This Website Tells You How Long It Will Take To Watch Every Episode Of Something

This Website Tells You How Long It Will Take To Watch Every Episode Of Something

This Website Tells You How Long It Will Take To Watch Every Episode Of Something

Someone’s got way too much time on their hands if they could develop a program that can tell you just how long it takes to watch each episode of your favorite show or a favorite movie. And they’re even more nuts if they figure that they can count it down to the minute and/or second by giving you advice on when to take a bathroom break and when to go eat. It’s not just an over-generalization when it comes to the timing, it’s also a bit too controlling to be honest. I definitely don’t like to knock websites or products and services, but in this case it seems like someone might have been thinking a little too hard when it came to their binge-watching.

A lot of us have binge-watched at this point and spent an entire weekend or at least a day off doing it. But this kind of goes to the next level of binge-watching when you determine just how many bathroom and meal breaks you need and how long they should take. Mapping out your day like this is the sign of a truly obsessive mind that doesn’t like to factor in any other variables that might actually be pressing during your day. In fact it’s the kind of thinking that doesn’t seem like it’s done by a person that has kids, a spouse, or even a life outside of work and leisure time.

It almost sounds like a college kid that just has way too much free time, but I doubt that’s the case.

Let’s break down an adult’s TV binge. This adult will have the average of two kids, a wife or husband, a pet, and a home to take care of, which will add in variables that the website doesn’t seem to cover. Here goes.

You wake up, shamble your way into the bathroom to do your morning business and then debate going back to bed or starting your binge-watching day.

The kids wake up eventually and want to play, watch cartoons, or engage you in some way that you’re not prepared for, thereby stopping your binge-watching for a while.

Your spouse wakes up, or notices that you’ve finally woken up, and tells you that there are a few things that need to be done today around the house. It’s normal, there are always things to do around the house, and it can cut into your binge time.

The kids need breakfast, attention, and if they’re older they might need to talk to you about something or otherwise engage you for some reason. This also cuts into the binge.

The family pet will need to be tended to for one reason or another, be it food, to be let outside, or just to be cuddled. All but the last will cut into the binge.

If the kids are off playing and your spouse is off doing something else or sitting with you to binge you can begin, but usually by now it is about midday and there are still more things to be done. So you do them, and then by the time you’re done it’s mid-afternoon and the kids, after having had lunch hopefully, will be interested in doing something in the house or will need to be checked on.

By evening time when the kids are inside you’ll have no more time to binge and will be forced to either watch something the family wants to watch or just go to bed eventually.

Does the website factor all that in?


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