We May See 10 More Seasons of American Horror Story

Ten seasons. Another TEN seasons. That’s how long the creators of American Horror Story want to keep it going, according to Joey Paur of GeekTyrant. While avid fans of the show are probably rejoicing at this point you can imagine that some folks are looking at the announcement oddly and are wondering, how? It’s easy to think that there are plenty of ideas out there that might make it possible to see another ten seasons, but it’s also enough to think that the fans might actually get tired of the show after a certain point. But then again, there’s always a good chance that they’re banking on their next wave of fans growing into the show as they go. At this point the next season is set to be released in 2020. Some people seem to think that this could be the final season, but there is a big rumor that it could be set to return again and again in an effort to explore more and more story lines that will keep things going until the actors are likely aged quite naturally without the aid of any prostheses or makeup.

There are a couple of rumors that could come to pass for the next season, and both might end up moving in roughly the same direction. The idea that there was a loose link at the end of AHS: Asylum is enough to think that maybe there could be something there to work with. According to David Opie of DigitalSpy this could happen as of next year and the thread linking it to Asylum could be quite strong. At this point the show has explored a few different venues, but one has to wonder just how far they’d want to go and how many different ideas might be kicking around. In every season there’s some unresolved issue that people forget about, so there’s already eight seasons worth of ideas that could be revisited, and it could be that we might see something that has a direct thread throughout a lot of the stories in a way that even Coven, Murder House, and Apocalypse haven’t managed to accomplish, and those three were a fierce and impressive force to be reckoned with when they were put together. What the creators might have in store for us next is kind of hard to think about since they haven’t exactly gone fringe yet, not all the way, but it does seem a though they’re pushing in that direction and could make it happen in a big way if they were allowed to break through a few more barriers. On TV there’s only so much that can be done, but as we’ve seen with FX there’s still plenty of potential.

Space seems like a pretty good bet as it’s an idea that’s been kicked around at this point, and it could be insanely scary if the story is well-thought out and able to become a feasible, working, breathing thing. It could be years into the future, it could be a space-walk, it could be another trip to the moon for all we know, but it could be terrifying since the fear of enclosed spaces could terrify a lot of people. But it could tie in with Asylum largely because of the alien hook, and that would be great for the reputation of the show, because it could be stretching out in another direction that people might not expect. Apocalypse, believe it or not, wasn’t really an expected idea since a lot of people were genuinely shocked to see what was presented. To think of a show in space would be great since there’s so much that could go wrong, so much that could be used to absolutely terrify the viewers, and so much that could be used as genuine scares, not just jump scares that get people on their toes, but genuine cerebral terror that people don’t see coming but should since it’s right in front of their face. It’s all a matter of how the writers look at this and what direction they want to take.

Given how 1984 has shaped up thus far and how opinions continue to vary on each season, seeing another ten seasons come from AHS isn’t insane to think about, but it definitely makes one think that the whole scheme needs to be mapped out at least three or four seasons in advance. A basic framework for each season seems to be in order if this is the decision that they’re looking to move ahead with, though of course without being privy to the writing room we won’t know what’s coming for a while yet, and likely won’t even have the full picture until the writers are confident in their direction. At this point the next season is still being thought of as the last by some, but only the beginning of another long and hopefully successful run by others. Samuel Spencer of Newsweek has more to say on this subject.

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