Why You Should Be Watching ESL Speedrunners

ESL Speedrunners is one of two new TV shows that will be shown on a summertime programming block on Disney XD. Given that the other TV show isESL Brawlers, it should come as no surprise to learn that the programming block is focused on video games, though covering not just the actual games but also the events, the publishers, and the personalities. Overall,ESL Speedrunnersand the rest of the TV shows included in the programming block can be seen as an effort to bring in older kids as viewers, as shown by the fact that it is situated between 9PM and 3AM on Saturdays throughout the summer.

Regardless,ESL Speedrunners sees players doing their best to beat a wide range of video games as fast as possible in a free-for-all competition. Furthermore, it is produced by ESL, which is a corporation that should be familiar to those who pay close attention to the world of esports.

What Is ESL?

For those who are not so familiar with the world of esports, ESL is a corporation that holds esports competitions in countries situated all around the world. As a result, it has no fewer than eleven offices as well as a number of TV studios, which speak volumes about the extent of its presence in its chosen market.

Initially, ESL started out as the Electronic Sports League, which was meant to be a successor to the Deutsch Clanliga. At the time, it had no more than a gaming magazine and an online gaming league in addition to servers that could be rented out for use by gaming competitions. Since that time, it has reached the point where it can host regular competitions that brings in millions and millions of people who want to watch them at the venue as well as millions and millions of more people who want to follow along via Internet streaming. In a sense, the success of ESL can be seen as a reflection of esports entering the mainstream, with ESL Speedrunners and ESL Brawlers serving as excellent examples of this particular trend. However, considering the similar businesses with similar business models that have fallen by the roadside, there can be no doubt about the fact that ESL has something that enables them to stand out among the competition.

What Is Speedrunning?

On a final note, speedrunning can be much more wide-ranging in nature than it seems on initial inspection. For example, some speedruns encompass the entire game, whereas other speedruns encompass no more than a single level or a small number of levels. Furthermore, some speedruns are focused on nothing but racing to the finish, whereas other speedruns have certain objectives before players can do the same. For example, one popular objective is for the player to collect a particular item or a particular set of items before they can head to the finish.

Speaking of which, it is also interesting to note that speedruns can involve a fair amount of creativity for players to bring down their times as much as possible. A solid understanding of the game as well as skillful gameplay are essential, but players also often exploit mechanics and in some cases, even bugs and glitches for the best results. As a result, there is a fair amount of strategizing behind a speedrun, meaning that ESL Speedrunner scould be deeper than it seems.

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